Chat: Meesa Still Canon?

At the end of last week, we got the baffling news that Star Wars' expanded universe had been declared non-canon. They suddenly no longer existed, “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced”

Wednesday's Rewards - 30/04/2014

We've hit midweek and to celebrate, we have Playfire Rewards!

Fresh off the chopping block is Bloodrayne Betrayal. Hack and slash your way through legions of vampires, end a sinister plot and earn GMG Credit while doing so! When you aren't completing missions for the Brimstone Society, perhaps a ritualistic trial in Croixleur Sigma, which looks like a mighty task. 

Finally, we've added Child of Light to the Playfire Rewards schedule. It's a UPlay game, so we're limited to what we can offer, but we couldn't resist getting this beautifully poetic adventure into the schedule in some form.

Extended 20% voucher!

We've extended last week's 20% voucher until Friday 2 May, 2014! This means you've still got time to get amazing discounts on hundreds of games on the Green Man Gaming Store.


**This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC May 2nd 2014. Only valid against selected PC Download titles. When using this voucher, your basket value must be a minimum of £10, $10 or 10 € (depending on your account currency). Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjuction. Vouchers and titles are susceptible to change.

Tuesday's Rewards - 29/04/2014

Slinging into the blog today is Playfire Rewards!

Armed with a novel way to get around the tube strikes in London, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has dangled rewards down from the ceiling. Spidey has caught a few gems in his web, including recently Greenlit by Steam, indie platformer Slip is colourful, vibrant and has bags of character. For those who spend lots of time on the phone and like the dark then the procedurally generated phycological thriller Daylight could be about you! If you were trapped in an abandoned asylum.

We are still running a Playfire Rewards special for Darksouls II, continue to play towards £5 worth of rewards. Whilst you guys are testing your mettle against some of the toughest content on PC we are here to soothe your pain.

For those out there who have been lured here for the first time by Spidey and Friends it's easy to take part in Playfire Rewards. For more information check out our FAQ.

Playfire Rewards: Darksiders II vs Space Marine - You decide!

It's Monday, which means it's time for life's most important questions. A) Do I make a bacon sarnie for breakfast? No, of course not, I overslept. B) Do I come into the office and beat up Joncol? Of course I do, it's one of his five-a-day. Finally, and most importantly: C) Who would win in a fight, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or a chain sword wielding Space Marine? You decide!

Monday's Rewards - 28/04/2014

Welcome back from what we hope was another epic weekend of gaming!

Those of you who spent your time desperately holding back the urge to smash keyboards or throw gamepads after embarking on some Dark Souls II will be glad to know that the rewards are all set up and could come through shortly - sorry for any delays you're experiencing there.

Today's new additions to the Playfire Rewards BETA embrace some of the new indie titles that went live on Steam over the weekend and will, as always, have their rewards backdated to their initial release so that you don't miss out if you already picked them up.

Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head Winner

Hope you're having a good weekend, chaps and chapettes.

The Playfire Head-2-Head winner is here. Blackguards won by quite some margin. We're lovely at Playfire, though, so we've added some rewards for Citadels so that no one misses out on the lovely gaming action this weekend.

The weekend with GMG...

Join GMG for another brilliant weekend of gaming! We've grouped all of this weekend's best offers and discounts in one place so you can make the most of the money-saving madness.

Friday's Rewards - 25/04/2014

Complimenting Dark Souls II Playfire Rewards Special we’ve got 25% off over on GMG to beckon you down the rabbit hole - we’ve also added a new set of rewards!

Feature: Last Life

Sam Farmer and his team of battle hardened indie game wizards at Rocket Science Amusements have, at time of writing, received 90% of their $75k goal for a really unique take on the adventure genre. Last Life looks like a really fun concept that’s already attracted the attention of some industry big-wigs.

Thursday's Rewards - 24/04/2014

Hey gamers,

Alongside the incredible Dark Souls II Playfire Rewards Special we've got running right now - don't forget you can pick up the game for 25% off over on GMG - we've added more opportunities for precious earning to the schedule.

Today's highlight is Adventurer Manager, which looks promising despite still being in pretty early development. It evokes early Final Fantasy era gameplay, if you can even remember that far back in time, but there's quite intriguing stuff here - jump in! We've also added achievements for Perpetuum, which went live yesterday - we've backdated the rewards to release so you won't miss out.

Chat: 25 Years of GameBoy

Rejoice, Nintendo’s pocket marvel has reached 25 years old, which presents us with an opportunity to look back at the origin point of handheld gaming.

Playfire Rewards: Blackguards vs Citadels - You decide!

Hey gamers,

This week is going to be tight, but we're determined to get another Playfire Rewards Special live for this weekend.

Dark Souls II - 25% off on GMG!

Hey gamers,

Prepare to die...again...for less! We've added an incredible 25% off voucher for Dark Souls II. Available only until Friday, make sure you get in quick to get yourself a spectacular bargain.


As an incredible extra, Playfire Rewards also now packs special Dark Souls II achievements. You can earn a total of £5.50 GMG Credit back by playing Dark Souls II.

Available until Wednesday 7 May, 2014 @ 23:59 UTC:

  • Play for the first time - £0.10
  • Unlock The Dark Soul - £0.50
  • Unlock Self Recollection - £0.05
  • Unlock Supreme Weapon - £0.25
  • Unlock Gesture Maestro - £0.25
  • Unlock Master of Sorcery - £0.15
  • Unlock Master of Miracles - £0.15
  • Unlock Master of Pyromancy - £0.15
  • Unlock Master of Hexes - £0.15
  • Unlock Selfless Giver - £0.25
  • Unlock This is Dark Souls - £0.05

  • Unlock King's Ring - £0.10
  • Unlock Ancient Dragon - £0.10
  • Unlock The Heir - £0.50
  • Unlock Last Giant - £0.05
  • Unlock Sinner's Bonfire - £0.05
  • Unlock Iron Keep Bonfire - £0.05
  • Unlock Gulch Bonfire - £0.05
  • Unlock Brightstone Bonfire - £0.05
  • Unlock Giant Lord - £0.05
  • Unlock Vendrick - £0.25
  • Unlock Brilliant Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Protector Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Sanguinary Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Covenant of the Meek - £0.05
  • Unlock Gnawing Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Clangorous Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Covenant of Ancients - £0.05
  • Unlock Covenant of the Fittest - £0.05
  • Unlock Abysmal Covenant - £0.05
  • Unlock Curious Map - £0.10
  • Unlock Change of Clothes - £0.10
  • Unlock Gathering of Exiles - £0.15
  • Unlock Moonlight Greatsword - £0.15
  • Unlock Holder of the Fort - £0.15
  • Unlock Lucatiel - £0.15
  • Unlock Smith for Life - £0.15
  • Unlock Garrulous Miser - £0.15
  • Unlock Reflections on Disembodiment - £0.15

For more information on the Playfire Rewards BETA, visit our FAQ. If you have feedback, recommendations, or find any bugs, please report them on the Playfire forums.


*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 25th 2014. Only valid against PC Download version of Dark Souls 2. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Voucher and titles available are susceptible to change. Applicable worldwide.

Wednesday's Rewards - 23/04/2014

Hey gamers,

Hope you had a great Easter's packed full of gaming glory. Today's Playfire Rewards update packs Conquest of Champions, which melds the tactical deck-building of a card game like Magicka, and the table-top carnage of the Warhammer franchise. It looks pretty interesting, so take a look!

We're also adding a new Rewards Head-2-Head today, so keep an eye out later on. We'll need your vote before this coming Friday, just in time for the weekend's Rewards Special. Finger on the buzzer!

Battle Through the Ages: The Early Years

Our latest set of deals have arrived, and for the next 48 hours you'll be able to take advantage of great discounts on games based on warfare set during the Medieval ages. With compelling titles like Blackguards and Chivalry on sale, now is the perfect time to quench your thirst for bloodlust!

Some of the highlights for the 1000 - 1800 period are:

   Deals end Thursday 24th April, 4pm UTC

For more great deals, check out the Hot Deals section now.

Playfire Rewards BETA - Dark Souls II Special

Prepare to die... again!

From Software's hardcore action-RPG makes a welcome return - at least for the masochists among us. For those gamers who are a sucker for punishment and are dying for a game that test their skills to the max, the next instalment in the Dark Souls series is definitely for you.

To soften the blow, we've put together a bittersweet package of rewards that can earn you up to £5.50 of GMG Credit for unlocking the achievements! Play Dark Souls II within the first 3 days of it's 24th April release to get a bonus £0.50 and new users to Playfire will get a bonus £1.50 for linking their Steam account within the first week (24th April - 30th April).

Tuesday's Rewards - 22/04/2014

Welcome back!

If you're lucky enough, like some of us, you'll have sneaked away to enjoy a lovely four day weekend - just what's needed to recharge those batteries, ready for another action-packed week. If we can pull ourselves away from Trials Fusion - instant retry is the bane of all productivity - we'll be looking forward to the PC release of Dark Souls II. Well, "looking forward to" in the same way you tell your friends you're looking forward to breaking yet another controller/keyboard.

Anyway, let's not mull over the pain yet to come! Today's Playfire Rewards BETA features Millie and Always Remember Me, backdating the rewards to their releases last Friday, and FRACT OSC that makes it's debut later today.

25% off for 24-hours!

Hey gamers,

Hope you enjoyed our 7 Days of Deals extravaganza. It might be over, but we're not quite done yet. For the next 24-hours only, you can get a huge 25% OFF a massive amount of selected titles, courtesy of GMG.

Simply apply the below voucher to get your massive discount! Remember, you've only got 24-hours so be quick!


*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 22th 2014. Only valid against selected PC Download titles. Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Voucher and titles available are susceptible to change.

Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head Winner

Hey gamers,

Today's a bit of a catch-up due to Good Friday, but it means double the rewards for you guys today!

We've added the Playfire Head-2-Head winner rewards to the schedule, which as you can probably guess from the pretty banner is Portal 2, and by quite some margin! However, we've also added three achievements for the wonderful Papers, Please so none of you miss out on the rewards action.

There's a massive list of very different games available on top of that, too, including Killing Floor, Doom 3 BFG, Awesomenauts, a handful of Quake games and even more! We're sure you're going to have a great time gaming and earning GMG Credit this Easter weekend.

DAY 5 BEGINS! #7DaysofDeals


Day 5 of GMG's 7 Days of Deals has begun! Get some incredible discounts on the following games and much, much more!

Check out everything else on the Green Man Gaming store!

Easter Competitions - Win GMG and Insert Coin Credit, and more!

Happy Easter!

In order to celebrate this beautiful time of year we want to give you some gaming awesome from our firm friends at Insert Coin. You are hopefully already aware of our new partnership with the amazing Insert Coin team (if not, have a read), and we thought it would be a nice way to celebrate this union by offering some truly eggscellent prizes (yes that did just happen, sorry).

We have three prizes to offer, as follows:

1st Prize: £75 Insert Coin voucher plus a £75 GMG Credit voucher (or equivalent €/$ amount)
2nd Prize: £50 Insert Coin voucher plus a £50 GMG Credit voucher (or equivalent €/$ amount)
3rd Prize: £25 Insert Coin voucher plus a £25 GMG Credit voucher (or equivalent €/$ amount)

To win one of these, simply leave a comment below sharing with us what you think would make for a really cool t-shirt design for your favourite gaming franchise! Winners will be selected by a GMG committee and contacted next week.

Also, as one final treat, we've picked five of our favourite Insert Coin pieces of merchandise and have put them into one bundle that we'll send to one selected GMG customer. In order to be in with a chance to win this bundle*, you simply have to have purchased any of the 7 Days of Deals offers during the sale (which is running until Monday 21st April, 1600 UTC). We'll then stick all those users into our patented random-name-picker-mcbobbin and arrange for delivery of the clothing finery.

We're looking forward to seeing your responses, so get creative, and have a great weekend!

Update: Entries for the competition are now closed, winners will be picked and notified soon, but feel free to still leave comments if you wish.

*(This bundle will contain what we think are the coolest items on the site: The Hotline Miami Jacket, Fireflies Hoodie, Son of Sparda Dressing gown, SEGA Mega Drive Bag, and the Holy Hand Grenade tee).

Wolfenstein: New Order. Get 20% off + free game + DOOM beta access!

Wolfenstein: The New Order is now available for pre-purchase on GMG!

Get 20% off, a FREE copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and access to the upcoming DOOM beta when you pre-purchase using the voucher code below!


*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 22th 2014


We've extended our incredible deals on Square Enix games. That means you get 75% off Tomb Raider GOTY and a whopping 66% off Thief and Thief Master Edition. Available while stocks last so get in there quick!

Thursday's Rewards - 17/04/2014

Hola peepos,

We've added a load of new rewards for both new and older games. Simulators are the name of the game today, with Wargame: Red Dragon packing land, sea and air combat in one hefty war zone. Trainz Simulator is a bit more chilled out, obviously - you won't find any attack jets on your route from Milton Keynes to Croydon ;) If you do, make sure you screenshot it!

Don't forget to vote in the Head-2-Head Rewards poll. The winner will be revealed with its own Playfire Rewards Special on Saturday!

DAY 3: 7 Days of Deals!

Our massive #7DaysofDeals continues! We've compiled some of the best below, in an easy-to-access place so you don't miss out on a single thing!

    Available until Friday 18 April, 2014 @ 16:00 UK time:

    For everything else, check out the Hot Deals page!

    Playfire Chat: Who let the Dogg out?

    As the year marches on towards Easter, we at Playfire have only one thing on the mind - Snoop Dogg voiceover DLC. This recent announcement has been a hit on the forums, especially in Alyxx's thread.

    Wednesday's Rewards - 16/04/2014

    Ahoy there, mateys!

    No, it's not International Talk Like a Pirate Day - although we wish we could talk like a pirate everyday. No, in fact we're getting in character for another swashbuckling adventure exploring Tales of Monkey Island and other great Telltale classics - all of which go on sale later today as part of the GMG 7 Days of Deals.

    Those of you gaming aficionados who are devoted Telltale fans and have already explored everything to offer, you'll be glad to know we've added Playfire Rewards against the achievements for yesterdays new releases, including Moebius: Empire Rising, Mechanic Escape and Eterium. If you've already unlocked the achievements, expect your GMG Credit to come through in the next day or so.

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

    Tuesday's Rewards - 15/04/2014

    We've got rewards of steel!

    The Duke may have had his fair share of trials and tribulations, but despite he's ability to cause people grief - check out this classic, but slightly rude, Ventrilo harassment video for example - his debut appearance back in 1991 has stood the test of time and he remains one of the founding fathers of modern games.

    We've added some classic Duke Nukem games to the Playfire Rewards BETA for anyone who picks them up in the GMG 7 Days of Deals, later today. Hail to the King, baby! We've also extended the rewards for Warlock 2 (also going on sale later today) until the 22nd April!

    Of course it's not just about what's on sale. There are also a number of new releases today, including Moebius: Empire Rising and Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood - we'll add rewards for their achievements when they come available. Follow Playfire on Twitter for more updates, or check back later to see what we've added!

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

    Insert Coin for Green Man Gaming goodies

    Since we made friends with the team at Insert Coin we've been plotting away with our combined brainpower, thinking of ways that we could work together. We eventually came up with a battle-plan. There's a strong mutual love between us, and we've felt like soul-brothers and -sisters since both companies started back in 2010. It only seemed apt that we combined forces to help benefit the great gaming community*.

    Monday's Rewards - 14/04/2014

    Howdy Playfire,

    Good weekend? We've added new challenges into Playfire Rewards BETA. This includes the weekend's FEZ special, and packs a huge number of rewards for Chuck's Challenge 3D and a selection of Worms games. They're all available for cheap over at Green Man Gaming, as part of the 7 Days of Deals!

    As a note, we've also added new (working) achievements for Rising Storm, and extended the cut-off date to this Friday!

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

    Playfire Rewards: Portal 2 vs Papers, Please - You decide!

    Hey you lovely bunch,

    Thanks to all of you who voted in last week's Head-2-Head. This week, Portal 2 and Papers, Please are your contenders. An ultra hot battle of smart puzzler vs clever psychological simulator. Both are great games, but only one can be named victor.

    You know the drill. Give us your vote and we'll reveal the winner at the weekend in a Head-2-Head Rewards Special. Tasty!

    10% voucher on GMG!

    Hey peeps,

    Along with our 7 Days of Deals mega-extravaganza, we've added a new 10% voucher. Usable on hundreds of games, including games like Tomb Raider GOTYBatman Arkham Origins and Thief! If you didn't realise - these games are ALREADY mega cheap thanks to huge discounts as part of our 7 Days of Deals.

    7 Days of Deals on GMG!

    Woah there, hold your horses. SEVEN days of deals?!

    Yes! 7 Days of Deals has kicked off on GMG, with literally hundreds of incredible discounts available all across the next week. We'll be adding new games and new discounts every single day.

    Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head Winner

    Hey gamers,

    Thankful it's the weekend? You'll be even more chuffed to know that today is Head-2-Head winner day.

    50% off games from Kiss

    We've teamed up with our friends at Kiss to offer a selection of their games at 50% off*.  There's a whole range to choose from - Lucius to The Thirty Nine Steps; Nosferatu to Kairo; Soulbringer to Incoming Forces.  Check out it and use the special 50% off voucher below on these titles. Click on the voucher code below:

    This is in celebration of Kiss being match sponsor today at their favourite team -  which team is it and who are they playing?  No prizes, just shear kudos!

    * Please note that the 50% off voucher will expire at 1600 UTC 21 April 2014.  Voucher only valid against selected PC Download titles from Kiss.  Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Only one voucher per purchase

    20% voucher this weekend on GMG!

    Another weekend cometh! To make your two days off as productive as possible, we've whipped up a brand new 20% voucher. Use it on excellent new games like LEGO® The Hobbit™, Age of Mythology and more!


    *This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 14th 2014. Only valid against selected PC Download titles. When using this voucher, your basket value must be a minimum of £10, $10 or 10 € (depending on your account currency). Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Voucher and titles available are susceptible to change.

    Playfire Rewards - LEGO The Hobbit Special

    Another Friday, another Playfire Rewards special! To celebrate the release of LEGO The Hobbit, we've put together a string of rewards the likes of which a ferocious dragon would covet for a thousand years.

    Which game sites do you visit most?

    What do you play? When do you play? How do you play? How long do you play for? We has answers!

    A new challenger enters the ring...


    As many of you know, after two and a half years, radaeron - Green Man Gaming’s social media superstar - has moved onto pastures new. To fill the large shoes he leaves, Joncol will be taking over our social media channels and in his stead, I’m excited to announce a new recruit to the Playfire Community Team.

    Thursday's Rewards - 10/04/2014

    Welcome traveller,

    Our world may be shattered, but we won't let it fall into the hands of our enemies! Join us as we battle hostile Mages and terrifying creatures for epic Playfire Rewards in today's new release, Warlock 2: The Exiled. The achievements list is yet to reveal itself, but we'll be sure to update the rewards as soon its treasures become known.

    Security update: Heartbleed

    There's been a lot of publicity and news over the last 24 hours about a security issue known as Heartbleed.

    Chat: The Pre-Sequel

    Is it really a word? Yeah but is it really?

    2K has announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It's set between the events of Borderlands 1 and 2, and pits you as part of Handsome Jack's crew. The story follows the bastard bad-guy from Borderlands 2 before his rise to a mega-super-giga-villain.

    Wednesday's Rewards - 09/04/2014

    Happy Hump day!

    It's also Hump-episode day, with the third and middle episode of Wolf Among Us now available! We've added some Playfire Rewards to the schedule, so those hopping back into Bigby Wolf's stylised world can earn some GMG Credit! We've added The Ball and The Bridge, too, the latter of which looks really intriguing.

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.


    Feature: Dragon Fin Soup

    As Greenlight and Kickstarter continue to grow, we want to talk more about the little teams creating big ideas; the indie studios who are asking for your support - whether that's financial backing or simply clicking a like button. These select groups of talented people are who we want to pay more attention to. In the next few months, we'll be selecting some of our favourite games, playing them, asking questions about them to the people who make them, and posting thoughts about them here on Playfire.

    Consider this an invite to join us.

    Tuesday's Rewards - 08/04/2014

    Do you even game, bro?

    Today's rewards are bro-tastic. They're the fist-bumpin, yee-hawin rewards that any bro needs in their life. Sling that oversized assault rifle over your shoulder and come on a terrorist huntin mission to be a real hero. You got me, bro? As per the game's hilarious feature list, Broforce comes packed with online multiplayer bro-op, unlockable bros, special brobilities. What more do you need, broheim?

    Happy bro-ing.

    Playfire Rewards: FEZ vs Super Meat Boy - You decide!

    Alright, 'ave this!

    FEZ vs Super Meat Boy. Both are vivid little delights, but one is a carefree adventure discovery game and the other is a fast-as-hell, hard-as-obsidian-nails platformer. We love 'em both, but we want to know which you, the Playfire community, loves most.

    EXTENDED: 20% voucher

    The weekend treated us well. We're returning the favour by extending our 20% voucher until Friday! Get a chunky discount on hundreds of PC Download titles on GMG!

    Out this week are LEGO® The Hobbit™ and Warlock 2: The Exiled, so you're pretty much sorted if you're a fan of big, bold fantasy epics; even if they're cute plastic models.


    *This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC April 11th 2014. Only valid against selected PC Download titles. When using this voucher, your basket value must be a minimum of £10, $10 or 10 € (depending on your account currency). Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Voucher and titles available are susceptible to change.

    Monday's Rewards - 07/04/2014

    Welcome gamers to another glorious Monday morning shrouded by grey clouds! We've got a collection of fun challenges to brighten up your week as we slowly edge one step closer towards summer.

    Our weekend was spent exploring the adrenaline-filled world of Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming where - despite being only given 30 seconds - we spent hours trying to become a true hero. For those of you who picked it up last week, we've added some achievements to the Playfire Rewards BETA (backdating them to its Friday release) for you to beat. We've also added a plethora of indie titles for you to explore this week. As always, if you've got any suggestions for games you'd like to see in the Playfire Rewards, place them in the comments below.

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards and want to participate, it's easy, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games! For more information check out our FAQ.

    Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head Winner

    Oh Playfire, you do love a tense fight.

    This week's Head-2-Head may not have been as close as the original battle between Dishonored and The Witcher 2, but it was still pretty neck'n'neck. Batman came out as the final winner, but Wei Shen's Hong Kong brawlin' is still a popular game among the community. As we're lovely, we've added a generous handful of Sleeping Dogs rewards in, too.

    Batman rewards also apply to the Game of the Year edition of Arkham City!

    Fill your black gadget-packed boots!

    Competition - Blind as a Batman

    Just like birthdays, everyone likes Batman. To celebrate the dark knight turning an aged 75-years old, we’re having an exciting competition at Playfire to celebrate this momentous occasion.