Monday's Rewards - 31/03/2014

Afternoon lovelies,

After a busy weekend, we've added more rewards to Playfire Rewards BETA. Omerta City of Gangsters is an XCOM-alike with a prohibition vibe, while Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball has to be seen to be believed, but we love the look of the Tron-esque visuals and whacky mechanics.

Don't forget to vote in our Head-2-Head poll, too! Sleeping Dogs and Batman: Arkham City are battling out for your affections.

Playfire Rewards: Sleeping Dogs vs Batman: Arkham City - You decide!

Hey chums,

How you doing? Did you cram as much gaming into the 48-hours as you would've liked?

Last week's Rewards Head-2-Head saw Metro: Last Light win your favour in style. This week, it's Sleeping Dogs vs Batman: Arkham City; two heavy-weight, combo-flurrying badass games we want to add into Playfire Rewards BETA. The catch? There can only be one winner.

Playfire Rewards: Healing Over Time Special

Hey people,

Our friends at Healing Over Time are playing games for 24-hours straight this weekend, all in the name of Child's Play charity. They're hoping to raise $5000 for an incredibly good cause. We want to support and bolster the spirit, and therefore we've added Playfire Rewards to almost every game that the guys will be playing across their marathon session.

To get involved and support the live stream, head to the official Healing Over Time website.

Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head winner


After a less tense Head-2-Head this week, Metro: Last Light came out as a strong winner. With two thirds of the vote, you can't argue with those odds!

Playfire Rewards BETA Update

Update [31/03/2014 14:50]: The queue to backfill missing rewards has now been completed. If you have any further issues with missing rewards can you please follow the instructions on this KB article.

Hey folks,

Today we've got a few updates regarding Playfire Rewards BETA. We realise that you're well overdue an update on the development of the Playfire Rewards BETA and this actually reflects badly on the hard-working individuals that work tirelessly on it every day behind the scenes.

Deals: Up to 67% off Selected Bethesda Games

Those looking to experience adventures of epic proportions can discover up to 67% off Bethesda games. Nothing more needs to be said about games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. Every gamer worth their salt should own them. You've got about three days to pick them up!

Regional restrictions may apply on products. 

Friday's Rewards - 28/03/2014

Hey folks,

We've introduced a number of new Rewards into Playfire just in time for the weekend. We're particularly excited about Rogue's Tale - a Greenlit dungeon crawler that looks pretty great!

You should keep an eye on the site tomorrow, too, as we'll be posting the winner of the Playfire Head-2-Head! Last week's Head-2-Head was a draw between Witcher 2 and Dishonored, and those rewards expire this evening. Make the most of them if you haven't already!

Deals: Get Call of Juarez Gunslinger for 75% off!

Today brings the last set of NCSA Only Ubisoft deals! If you're looking for a great price on some excellent Ubisoft-owned games today is your last chance! See everything available here.

You'll be able to see what other games are on offer today by visiting the Green Man Gaming site.

Regional restrictions may apply on products. Please note current Ubisoft deals are only available in North, Central & South America.

Playfire Vulcan BETA update

Hey guys,

We've set version of Playfire Vulcan loose into the wild, free to roam the open plains like a valiant steed, making the world of console tracking better and more stable. The team has been hard at work adapting the client to recent changes by Microsoft and the way it authenticates on Xbox Live.

Thursday's Rewards - 27/03/2014

Hey gamers,

We've added the new entry in the controversial mega-violent Carmageddon series to Playfire Rewards. Carmageddon: Reincarnation hits Steam today, so rev your engines for a bloodbath. The game has been Kickstarted by the indie team behind the PC original, so you know it's going to be crazy. We've also reintroduced some South Park rewards for those who missed the game at its original release, so get playin' while they last, douchebags!

Chat: Facebook Buys Oculus

In one of the most unforeseen acquisitions in recent memory, Facebook has bought Oculus - the makers of the virtual reality headgear Rift - for a whopping $2,000,000,000.

Deals: Assassin's Creed Liberation HD at 33% off!

Wednesday is here, and that means new deals available. Check out the Green Man Gaming site to see what else is available, or peruse our mega awesome bullet pointed lists of selected deals below!

Especially for NCSA-based users: You can see other Ubisoft deals here.

Regional restrictions may apply on products. Please note current Ubisoft deals are only available in North, Central & South America.

Wednesday's Rewards - 26/03/2014

A mid-week hello to you all,

We love Greenlight and Kickstarter. We're mega excited for the high quality games coming through these programs and we want to see new ideas, old ideas refreshed with lovely new nuances and everything in between.

One such game is Unclaimed World, a sci-fi colony simulator set on an alien planet. It's here that humanity is attempting to make a new life for itself, and it's up to you to guide your new civilization to its potential. If the game receives achievements, expect those to be added later, too!

Site Maintenance: March 26th

Hey all,

At 0900 GMT March 26th, both Green Man Gaming and Playfire will be unavailable for up to an hour while some scheduled maintenance is carried out.  When this countdown reaches zero, planned maintenance will begin:

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

While you wait, here is a Wildstar trailer to check out!

Deals: Splinter Cell Blacklist is 75% off for 24 hours!

Happy Tuesday! More deals coming your way. We've just got a selection here so remember to check out the Green Man Gaming site! You'll be able to see all of our available deals on the site, and for NCSA-based users you can see other Ubisoft deals here.

Regional restrictions may apply on products. Please note current Ubisoft deals are only available in North, Central & South America.

Tuesday's Rewards - 25/03/2014

Irrational Games' legacy comes to a climax today with the release of BioShock Infinite's final DLC, Burial at Sea - Episode Two. It's a sad day, and we're going to miss exploring underwater dystopias and top-of-the-cloud worlds, but we're really excited to see the series' send-off.

To give BioShock a Playfire goodbye, we've added rewards for the new DLC. We've also extended all Ubisoft rewards from last week for an additional seven days. These were for Rocksmith 2014, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, Babel Rising, Bloody Good Time, and Cloudberry Kingdom.

Playfire Rewards: Metro Last Light vs Rage - You decide!


Did you have a good weekend of games? Ground Zeroes might have received some flak for its brevity, but that is one impressive little game, isn't it? As for InFamous: Second Son, we haven't had so much fun blowing dudes up with smoke and neon missiles in quite some time. The fact the game looks incredible is just the cherry on the attractive cake. We're also still stuck on Dark Souls 2. It's terrible business, guys, terrible business.

With last week's Head-2-Head being such a tight battle right up until the final votes, we decided to give it another shot - to see if we can get a more definitive result than a 50/50 split, if anything :p

With the post apocalyptic atmosphere of Metro: Last Light ramming heads with the technical mastery of Rage - not to mention one of the best shotguns in gaming - this week's games are both of incredible caliber but you can only choose one! The game with the most votes will be included in a Playfire Rewards special this coming weekend 2014. We'll be sure to include a varied selection of achievements for everybody! You've got until 15:00 UTC Friday 28 March, 2014 to place your vote.


Note: We know that not everyone wants to log into Facebook to vote, so in the near future we'll be building polls on Playfire.

Deals: Blood Dragon is ready and waiting at 60% off!

We've got deal posts coming every day this week, highlighting just a selection of the crazy amount of discounts we've got going on over the next few days! The handful listed below are just some of our own picks, but make sure to check out the website to see what else is on offer!

Regional restrictions may apply on products. Please note current Ubisoft deals are only available in North, Central & South America.

Monday's Rewards - 24/03/2014

After Saturday's Head-2-Head blow-out, we've added some more games. There's a pretty eclectic list, so you will no doubt find something to get involved in no matter where your preferences lie. Stay tuned later for another Head-2-Head poll, too!

Playfire Rewards - Head-2-Head winner

Earlier this week we asked which game you want to see included in Playfire Rewards. We thought we'd get a winner. We got two. You cheeky scamps.

The voting was so close throughout the poll that we thought it'd be wrong to just choose one game. It was eventually just a few decimal places from being dead on 50/50 throughout the 1000+ votes. That is crazy close.

Ninja Gaiden Giveaway

NOTE: This giveaway has now ended. Thanks to all those who entered!


We've got gifts to giveaway and we wanna give them to YOU. All you have to do is follow @Playfire, tweet the link below and voila, you are in with the chance of winning some Ninja Gaiden goodies. We've got exclusive art comics, gorgeous scrolls and one very amusing zombie USB stick. We'll announce the winners on Monday 24 March, so get tweeting!


Focus on EA

We have a 3 day Focus on EA for North America and Europe! Happy days! For an entirely personal recommendation, I really quite enjoyed SimCity. Press a button to see all the poop in the city? Brilliant! See it backing up under your busiest street? Uh-oh!

Check out our deals below!

25% Off Selected Indie Games

Indie games continue to rise in popularity amidst the giants of the industry like Battlefield and Call of Duty! Just taking a look at the best sellers in PC gaming can tell you that, so to show our own indie love we have a 25% voucher available right now on the listed titles below!

Friday's Rewards - 21/03/2014

Morning gamers,

If you thought we'd have run out of rewards after yesterday's extensive Ninja Gaiden special, you better think again. We've added some new games and achievements to the schedule. Also, don't forget you've still got a couple of hours to vote on which game you'd like to see feature in a community-decided Head-2-Head! Witcher 2 or Dishonored? You decide!

Playfire Rewards - YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z Special

There are few hack 'n' slash games that can cut through the chaff to deliver gamers the legendary destructive attacks of a killer with the slick, silent movements of a deadly assassin, but YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z promises to change all that.

YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z takes the Ninja Gaiden series in a bold new direction, with fresh cell-shaded visuals and a cheeky tone, while still under the faithful direction of the series producer Keiji Inafune.

Thursday's Rewards - 20/03/2014


The competitive gaming battlefield can only won with hearty soldiers and strong resolve. Join the Early Access ranks for Men of War: Assault Squad 2 and carry the developers to victory! You will of course be handsomely rewarded - who knows, you might just have a bit of fun too!

Focus on Codemasters - Get Hospital Tycoon free!

We've got a special Focus on Codemasters for the next two days! And as an extra special bonus from Green Man Gaming if you order any of the below titles you'll receive a free copy of Hospital Tycoon!

20% Off Voucher: Respawned!

Second wind activated! Our 20% voucher is available once again on hundreds of PC Download products on Green Man Gaming. As long as your basket value is a minimum of £10, $10 or 10 € (depending on your account currency), then the code will give you great savings on as many products as possible!

Chat: MMOverhaul

New MMOs have to stand out to be in with a chance of success. In a genre where players have rigid expectations and sky high anticipations, there's a huge amount of pressure to deliver fresh, engaging ideas that snap the norm in two, while still retaining accessibility and familiarity.

Personality Gets People Watching YouTube

Remember that survey we ran with The Yogscast? Well, more than 60,000 people completed the survey, which has given us great insight into just a fraction of the behaviour of the "Millennial Audience."

The Millennial Audience is made up by all our respondents aged 13-21. We know they use YouTube several times a day to find content on videogames (over 70 years worth of viewing minutes is spent every day watching The Yogscast), but what keeps them coming back?

In a nutshell, personality and teh lolz! See more info on our second lovely Super Duper Infographic!

In the near future we'll have our third and final Super Duper Infographic - all about gaming!

Wednesday's Rewards - 19/03/2014

3...2...1... and Playfire Rewards are GO!

To complement some of the fantastic Codemasters deals Green Man Gaming have coming your way later today - check back on the blog this afternoon - we've added some of our favourite Codies games to the Playfire Rewards BETA. For the F1 fans on Playfire, don't forget you've also got a couple of days left to pick up rewards in F1 2012 and F1 2013.

Playfire Vulcan BETA update

Hola chicos y chicas,

The latest Playfire Vulcan update brings us to build number 56. A lucky number, we have to say, and over halfway towards a Vulcan century. We don't get out much. While we were busy working away at the latest build, Playfire Vulcan also had its first birthday! We put together a little celebration of its first twelve months in a nice little blog post, in which I also turned Ben into a rather dashing female icon. Isn't she beautiful?

Tuesday's Rewards - 18/03/2014

It's early in the morning here, let me sleep!

Tuesday's Rewards packs a host of brand new games. The iOS port of Deus Ex: The Fall comes to Steam today - so make sure you get your transhumanist hats on for an augmented adventure in Adam Jensen's world of sleek renaissance imagery and golden hue.

Focus on Ubisoft (EMEA)

This week we have an epic promotion for our EMEA users! With a wide range of titles up to 75% off there is almost certainly something for everyone. Be sure to check the DRM messages too, as we have titles that redeem on Steam, UPlay and Capsule.

(Sorry everyone else. We try to make sure something is available for everyone but we don't have any Ubisoft deals for other territories.... yet *evil laugh*)

*Regional restrictions apply as usual.

Playfire Rewards: Witcher 2 vs Dishonored - You decide!

Afternoon people!

Hope you had a good weekend. We were spoiled with Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 last week - have you been playing either? Maybe even both?!

Last week's poll pitted the interesting question about gaming's best superpowers. Well, one week on and the results are in. Poor Fable - Raise the dead earned none of your votes. However, the results at the top were pretty close. Just 4% splits the top six powers, with four of them tied for third place! In second, Crysis' invisibility nanosuit just missed out on the victory, with BioShock's incredible selection of body augmenting plasmids trumping all!

Monday's Rewards - 17/03/2014

Howdy gamers,

An eventful F1 race at Australia this weekend may have left you in floods of tears or tears of joy, but whichever driver you were rooting for, we hope you snatched a few Playfire Rewards in either F1 2013 or F1 2012 - if not, don't lose a second, get racing!

Last Chance for The Elder Scrolls Online Beta!

Last chance to get into the very last BETA event for The Elder Scrolls Online!

While stocks last we're providing anyone who orders either the Standard or Imperial Edition two BETA keys to use.  You'll need to be fast though, the final event has already started and finishes at 0359 GMT Monday 17th March.

To make things even better, we have the following vouchers available for you or your friends to use!

To the clans in the USA and Canada, these coupons are available to you*:

Get $12 off the Imperial Edition - CE1WXQ-2PQZSH-UDJEQS

Get $9 off the Standard Edition - S8JTAB-9MR960-R9PKJR

To adventurers across the rest of the world, this is the only code you'll need:

Get 20% off Standard or Imperial - USMHKP-MJME2L-71VXWX

Details on how to redeem your BETA keys will be sent via email, but you can also read this information here. Please note BETA keys from GMG are while stocks last, and we cannot guarantee you will receive them with your order.

*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC March 19th 2014. Only valid against selected PC Download titles. Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Titles available are susceptible to change.

Happy St Patrick's Day - Drunk on Deals!

In celebration of that great patron saint who may or may not have banished all the snakes from Ireland, as well as getting suitably merry in all the pubs and bars on March 17th, we're getting drunk on deals at Green Man Gaming!

The following 22% voucher is available to all our users in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and of course, Ireland, until 1600 GMT March 18th:


Redeem it during checkout when you have a minimum basket value of £10, $10 or 10 €, and it will apply to as many valid products as possible to give a 22% discount.

*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC March 18th 2014. Only valid against select PC Download titles. Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Vouchers and titles available are susceptible to change.

**Drink sensibly.

Playfire Rewards - Rockstar Special

With Rockstar Games being awarded the prestigious Fellowship award at last week's BAFTA Games ceremony, there's no better time to celebrate the studio's legacy. We've lined up a number of different franchises, each with their own Rewards. Make sure to check out Steam, where you can find all Rockstar series at a bargain price!

Focus on Nordic

This weekend brings a focus on Nordic games. What's really great about that? Well the sheer range of their games is massive! Shooters, adventures, racing titles and a whole lot more are available at up to 75% off for the next few days

Deals on Bandai Namco!

Looking to get some heavy battle scars before Dark Souls II is released on PC? Then get ready for the pain, because Green Man Gaming is running 50% off Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition as well as a number of other Bandai Namco deals!

Playfire Rewards - 14/03/14

Hey speed kings,

This weekend is the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the 2014 season. To celebrate, we're having a racing blow-out in Playfire Rewards, as well as including some new releases that are out today! We'll add achievements once they go live, but they'll be backdated so you receive them even if you start playing now!

25% Off Early Access Games

Early Access is a great thing, right? It helps the game developers because they can dedicate themselves more fully to making the game you want, and it means you get to jump onto the latest build available. It means you can get a good feel for the game and feedback to the developers what you'd like to see created or changed!

Here at the GMG secret base we want to help you onto some of these Early Access games, so we've got a 25% voucher available on a select list of games! You can use the following code on any of the listed games below.

Playfire Rewards - Square Enix Special

A little treat for those that enjoy bodily augmentations, ridiculous jet-stunts or an iconic JRPG. These rewards are running for a whole week! Oh, and if you pick up a copy of Just Cause 2, make sure you dive into the frankly incredible multiplayer mod if you can. All the games are currently cheap on Green Man Gaming, too, so take advantage while you can.

Happy Birthday Playfire Vulcan!

My off-key rendition of Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday" may have disturbed my colleagues, not the least of which was DocD2 our lead Vulcan Engineer - he didn't appreciate my attempts to sit on his knee - but the sentiment was completely genuine. Playfire Vulcan, the PC client for Playfire, has reached the grand old age of one!

"Ben Monroe", beautifully photoshopped by Joncol.

Thursday's Rewards - 13/03/2014

There's no better sense of empowerment than Crysis' Nanosuit. Invisibility, super strength, super speed. You're essentially a modern day Inspector Gadget, complete with a ridiculously powerful arsenal of guns and grenades - just how we like it. Along with Tribloos 2, Playfire Rewards is all set for another day.

Focus on Square Enix

Over the next two days we have a focus on a very particular selection of great Square Enix titles! Save up to 75% off with titles including Tomb Raider, The Last Remnant and Final Fantasy!

Chat: Rocksteady Rises

There's always a special buzz around a Rocksteady game,