50 Games You Must Play Before You Die: 30 - 21

50 Games You Must Play
Before You Die...

We've featured some truly amazing games so far in the GMG 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die. We're not going to stop yet...

We think today's new ten games continue the sky high quality in iconic fashion. Up to 75% off some truly masterclass games. Don't forget to check out the new ten games featured in the 30 Indie Games You Must Play too!

Thief II - 75% off!
"Thief II was the best entry in a great series. Tension grew organically, adding pressure as you hid in the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to bosh a guard over the head with your blackjack. It accomplished the tough task of marrying engaging gameplay whilst dissuading players from trying to fight in broad daylight, and for the time that was remarkable"

Deus Ex GOTY - 75% off!
"Deus Ex's dystopian cyberpunk narrative, coupled with a "who's-who" of conspiracy theories, is now overshadowed by the FPS that for a moment seemed to promise, ironically, a bright future of emergent gameplay that is only just beginning to emerge today. The original Deus Ex was ahead of its time, and one of my all-time favourites"

Tomb Raider - 75% off!
"The biggest surprise of the last few years, Tomb Raider blew me away. I was expecting an adequate reboot, but Crystal Dynamics delivered on almost all fronts. It's a dark, moody and supernatural adventure with thrills and set piece roller coaster moments like few other games, but it's also a great genesis for Lara Croft"

Batman: Arkham Asylum - 75% off!
"Still the finest entry in the entire Arkham series. Where the sequels expanded Bat's toolset, and universe, (and also added some great set-pieces and even more enemies) they didn't deliver the compact and focused structure of Asylum. It is a exemplary pinnacle of masterful storytelling. Once I was introduced to the free-flow combat system I was hooked, and utilising that not only within the game itself, but in the various Challenge Rooms, was akin to creating digital crack."

Fallout - 75% off!
"Fallout is a series that has given fans thousands of hours of compelling stories, unique characters, and countless opportunities to wander the wasteland in search of adventure. The very first Fallout was a revelation, and whilst recent entries in the series have advanced the gameplay mechanics, the isometric view from the first game will always be the purists preferred way to play. Radscorpions, super mutants, Deathclaws...the list of dangers goes on, as you also have to contend with the various human factions within the post-World War III apocalyptic landscape. A true masterpiece."

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 66% off!
"The disc for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind didn't leave my original Xbox for the best part of about six months. As a young gamer at the time, Morrowind was one of the first games that introduced me to the idea of a world where you could go anywhere and do anything. It started my love for huge believable universes that engrossed you for hours and refused to get out of your mind when you turned off the console"

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - 75% off!
"Return to Castle Wolfenstein was good. My first clan was on there as well"
-Ben, Man of Few Words

PS - I found Ben's old RTCW clan here, where you can sign up. I'm sure the poster is still checking responses twelve years later...

Dragon Age: Origins - 75% off!
"The original Dragon Age is one of the best role playing games in years. It had everything you could hope to find in a top tier Bioware game. Excellently fleshed out characters, brilliant script, amazing fantasy locations and interesting quest storylines, and some wonderfully deep combat and levelling mechanics that made customising your character a joy"

Battlefield 2 - 75% off!
"Big open warfare is everything I want as a gamer. Tanks, helicopters, jets, and all the mayhem in between. Battles go on for much longer in Battlefield than most other shooters, and I love the ebb and flow of different scenarios as teams try different tactics, failing and succeeding as they go."

Crysis Maximum Edition - 75% off!
"While later Crysis games made their formula more level based, the original Crysis was an open world jungle playground with lots of options for experimentation. It was also the best looking game ever, and it retained that crown for quite some time. Super powers galore, Crysis is a killer."

Please note: Some games may be region restricted. Where region restrictions apply, we have another game on sale in its place.