Playfire Chat - EA Access

EA has announced EA Access, a premium subscription service available for Xbox One. EA Access will provide the ability to play a selection of titles, which are available while you maintain a subscription, as well as provide a discount on EA content in the Xbox Games Store and exclusive trials for EA titles.

Gaming has long been at the forefront of innovative functions and services. Early access has given developers the ability to gain live feedback and bug reports, as well as some early sales prior to full launch. Subscription based games have been knocking around for a good while now, but more recently we have seen an increase in the services provided by premium subscriptions such as with Xbox Live's Gold and Sony's Playstation Plus services.

The initiative is launching with Battlefield 4 and Madden 14, both of which have new iterations visible on the horizon. Unlike Netflix, which is perhaps the most analogous comparison for this new gaming service, EA Access doesn't have the same level of variety available for players, but it's definitely a starting point which they will hopefully build on.

It has not been without its detractors - Sony has stated it doesn’t present good value to their users and firmly believes that PS+ provides better value. The scheme seems to have been greeted with a certain level of mistrust, with some worried that this might be the future of DRM, while others are excited at the opportunity to play AAA titles without having to pay the AAA cost.

Much will depend on how the service grows and evolves over time. I am personally interested to see how it takes shape and whether this will have any impact on Sony’s timescale for the release of Playstation Now. Let me know what you think in the comments, or join the discussion on Artificial’s forum thread. Is a gaming service subscription something you're likely to pay up for? Or is this just another fad that you think will die out over time?

Tom (Broadfoot88)