Competition: How-To Rewards Video

Hey gamers,

We regularly receive questions from people interested in Playfire Rewards BETA and how they can best make the most of their games. It's something that has been increasing over the last few months as Playfire Rewards has become more popular, and it can be difficult convey how Playfire Rewards works in a single tweet or comment.

We started planning how best to provide an informative how-to video for the Rewards BETA. This would be accessible to everyone when they're first using the Rewards system. Before long, we decided the most knowledgable group of people is right in front of us: you guys. 

Which is why we're offering an incredible mega-prize of $100/€72/£60 GMG Credit to the best user-created tutorial video detailing Playfire Rewards' features and how to use them.

In order to enter, all you need to do is create a clear, concise video running through the key points of Playfire Rewards BETA. It can be anything, and we want it to be fun and funny, as well as creative and original. Be experimental with your video; we want your how-to to stand out!

The community member with the best video - voted by myself, Ben and Tom - will win the prize credit! Please take a look at the following entry criteria some small but important rules:

  • The video must be between 1.5 and 2 minutes long.
  • No profanity of swearing.
  • No nudity. 
  • Audio quality must be audible and clear. 
  • Use screen capture and voiceover to make it easier for users to follow your tutorial.
  • Submissions can be uploaded to sites like YouTube or Vimeo, among others. We will ask the winner for the original file so that this can be uploaded to Green Man Gaming affiliated channels
  • Feel free to use the Playfire logo and Green Man Gaming logo to brand your videos!

We'll be running the competition for two weeks. Please send in your video links to by 16:00 UTC on Wednesday 16 July 2014 to be entered into the competition to win $100/€72/£60 GMG Credit! We'll choose our favourite and contact the winner within a few days after the competition has closed.

Good luck!