Chat: Buried

In the September of 1983, approximately 750,000 Atari cartridges of the notorious game E.T. were dumped at a landfill site in New Mexico. RIP, my extra-terrestrial friend.

Over 30 years later, they've been exhumed from their dusty grave. Despite being an infamously terrible game - not to mention a complete commercial disaster - E.T. has survived the test of time. The excavation project has attracted huge gaming faces, including the likes of Xbox's Major Nelson, who took several selfies while he was visiting E.T.'s resting place in the desert.

The fact that these cartridges have sat in a sandy coffin for the last three decades is pretty remarkable, and while it's easy enough to consider what game you'd bury for all eternity, it's more interesting to think about the games you'd love to put in a time capsule. What games do you think future generations of gaming should get a glimpse of? Grand Theft Auto V? BioShock? In the year 2045, when VR has taken over and we've all become Adam Jensen-esque; augmented and barely human, what should the future generations be digging up from the earth? If you could choose just one game - or even a console - to bury in the ground, what would it be?