Playfire Vulcan BETA update

Hola chicos y chicas,

The latest Playfire Vulcan update brings us to build number 56. A lucky number, we have to say, and over halfway towards a Vulcan century. We don't get out much. While we were busy working away at the latest build, Playfire Vulcan also had its first birthday! We put together a little celebration of its first twelve months in a nice little blog post, in which I also turned Ben into a rather dashing female icon. Isn't she beautiful?

Please make sure you update your client to the new build, as it irons out a couple of issues that users have been experiencing recently.

In short, includes:

  • Upgraded web browser to be more efficient and more stable
  • Better handling of SSL error messages

As ever, thanks to everyone that's submitted feedback and bug information. Please feel free to head over to the forums to leave your thoughts in the feedback threads if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Be aware - this applies to all aspects of Playfire! We're always open to your thoughts. Got opinions on the site, the client or Playfire Rewards BETA? Let us know.

Have fun!
Joncol, Ben (radMonkey) and the Playfire Team