Happy St Patrick's Day - Drunk on Deals!

In celebration of that great patron saint who may or may not have banished all the snakes from Ireland, as well as getting suitably merry in all the pubs and bars on March 17th, we're getting drunk on deals at Green Man Gaming!

The following 22% voucher is available to all our users in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and of course, Ireland, until 1600 GMT March 18th:


Redeem it during checkout when you have a minimum basket value of £10, $10 or 10 €, and it will apply to as many valid products as possible to give a 22% discount.

*This voucher is valid until 1600 UTC March 18th 2014. Only valid against select PC Download titles. Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Vouchers and titles available are susceptible to change.

**Drink sensibly.