Thursday's Rewards - 23/01/2014

Thursday's Reward BETA update packs two new games for you to play in order to earn GMG Credit. First up is the frankly wonderful survival game, Don't Starve. You can also get a handful of achievements in the beautiful puzzle-platformer, Teslagrad, to earn yet more credit rewards. Oh, and don't forget the dozens of other rewards still active!

New rewards

Available until Wednesday 29 January, 2014 23:59 UTC:


  • Play Don't Starve for the first time - £0.10
  • Play Teslagrad for the first time - £0.10


  • Unlock Long for a saviour in Teslagrad - £0.10
  • Unlock Raiding Barbarians in Teslagrad - £0.25
  • Unlock Serving Barbarians in Teslagrad - £0.50

Ending soon

Available until Thursday 23 January, 2014 23:59 UTC:


  • Play Final Fantasy VIII for the first time - £0.10
  • Play Hitman: Absolution for the first time - £0.10


  • Unlock Shiva in Final Fantasy VIII - £0.10
  • Unlock Magician in Final Fantasy VIII - £0.25
  • Unlock Maximum HP in Final Fantasy VIII - £0.50
  • Unlock Under Wraps in Hitman: Absolution - £0.10
  • Unlock Like Stealing Candy From A Baby in Hitman: Absolution - £0.25
  • Unlock Grand Master in Hitman: Absolution - £0.50

More rewards

Available until Friday 24 January, 2014 16:00 UTC:


Available until Sunday 26 January, 2014 23:59 UTC:


  • Play Sleeping Dogs for the first time - £0.10


  • Unlock Environmentalist in Sleeping Dogs - £0.10
  • Unlock Sharpshooter in Sleeping Dogs - £0.25
  • Unlock Mr. Nice Guy in Sleeping Dogs - £0.50

Available until Monday 27 January, 2014 23:59 UTC:


  • Play Nidhogg for the first time - £0.10


  • Unlock COMEBACK KID in Nidhogg - £0.10
  • Unlock PERFECT STRIDE in Nidhogg - £0.25
  • Unlock VALKYRIE in Nidhogg - £0.50

Available until Tuesday 28 January, 2014 23:59 UTC


  • Play Company of Heroes 2 for the first time - £0.10


  • Unlock Stalingrad Rail Station - Conscript in Company of Heroes 2 - £0.10
  • Unlock Soviet Infantry Specialist in Company of Heroes 2 - £0.25
  • Unlock Attrition in Company of Heroes 2 - £0.50


  • Link your Steam account with your Playfire profile - £0.50
  • Sign up to the Playfire email newsletter - £0.50
  • Install and run the Playfire PC Client, Playfire Vulcan - £0.50


  • Take our Survey - Complete our short survey and help us improve the Rewards BETA for your chance to win a free game! Take survey now.

We've been sifting through your survey submissions, forum posts, and blog posts about the Rewards BETA. It's been really interesting reading your feedback and it's already helping us guide our next steps and tests. If you haven't entered the survey yet, jump on in - you could win a game of your choice.

If you want to participate in the Playfire Rewards BETA, just log into Playfire with your Green Man Gaming email address and password, sign in with Steam, and then play your way to cheaper games!

For more information on the Playfire Rewards BETA, read our blog post and visit the Playfire Helpdesk. If you have feedback, recommendations, or find any bugs, please report them on the Playfire forums.

- The GMG and Playfire Team

N.B: We encourage all users to report any bugs or exploits they discover to our Customer Support team. Any user caught exploiting the Playfire Rewards BETA or using tools to falsify their Steam activity for personal gain will be banned from Playfire and reported to Valve. This may also incur additional repercussions on your Green Man Gaming account. We encourage any suspicious activity to be reported directly to our Customer Support team. For more details please visit our Knowledge Base.

†During the Rewards BETA you'll only be rewarded with GMG credit if you unlock the achievement during the promotional period.