Poll: Greatest Horror Game

The reveal of Alien Isolation last week made us realise how much we miss classic, unrelenting horror games. Our excitement had us playing some of our favourite horror games over the weekend - namely Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 (a personal favourite).

Don't worry, Halloween 2014 isn't upon us yet, but we're casting aside the time of year like the non-conformist calendar mavericks that we are; bucking the trend by putting together a poll to find the greatest horror game ever. We've compiled a strong list of 9 of the scariest, goriest, nastiest and terrifying games we know of to find which you guys think is The One.

Bear in mind that this isn't a definitive list. Despite our decent knowledge of horror games, we consider ourselves to be horror amateurs - we're absolute scaredy cats, too - so give us suggestions of games you think should've made the cut! Maybe even provide an example of why that game deserves recognition?

We'll be announcing the winner at 16:00 UTC on Monday 20th January. Keep your eyes on the blog to see if your personal choice is the victor!

Joncol, Ben (radMonkey) and the Playfire Team

Note: We know that not everyone wants to log into Facebook to vote, so in the near future we'll be building polls on Playfire.