Playfire Chat: Still Playing

I've played 370 hours of Skyrim and I haven't done everything yet.

There are games we still play despite them being years old. Games that we've completed 9 times before. Games where the disc is now a decrepit mess, ruined by overuse. Even with a raft of retina-arrestingly gorgeous games coming out for next-gen consoles and PC, I'm still pulled back to Skyrim every time. I'll dive back in for 50 hours, complete a dozen or so quests, explore the hundreds of dungeons and caves before leaving it for a few months. Then I'll come back to play it all again on a new character.

I'm yet to play as a Khajiit or an Argonian. At the moment I'm rocking the orc look, complete with two-handed weapons and some of the heaviest plate armour that those shiny gold Septims can buy. My original character, a level 73 High Elf, is equipped with the strongest spells and daedric weapons in the entire game. He is almost 400 hours of pure hard work. Come at me, bro.

Over 2 years since its release in 2011, I am still not bored of exploring the snowy peaks and chilly tundras. I always seem to discover new treasures and secrets - although by this point it could be argued that I've simply forgotten what I discovered before. I don't know if I'll ever grow tired of it, though. Not until Elder Scrolls VI, at least, which probably won't be for a good while yet, so I've got a few years of questin' left in me. It might just be my favourite game of all time.

If Skyrim is my endless guilty pleasure that I can't ever leave behind, what's yours? Are you still playing games from 2, 3, maybe even ten years ago? With the world of HD re-releases in full force, it's not all too surprising if you are! Let us know in the comments below.

Joncol, Ben (radMonkey) and the Playfire Team