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Call for questions: ThreeGates

Following on from the incredibly insightful Playfire Q&A with indie developer I Fight Bears, our next community Q&A features a developer that braved the mighty coliseum of public opinion by placing their title on Kickstarter for all eyes to see.

ThreeGates took on the goliath challenge of raising funds for their action RPG, Legends of Aethereus, and triumphed. Winning the support of mighty publishers is backbreaking feat for any developer, but the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight audience have spoken, with clearly plenty of demand from heroes who seek fame, glory and untold riches.

Legends of Aethereus is a love letter to hardcore PC gamers, building a world of almost infinite depth for you to lose yourself in. While the main narrative set you on a journey to recover seven ancient relics of great power while simultaneously maintaining political control over the city-state, Nexus, you’ll find yourself veering off the main path. From PVP arenas to customising your character to the most intricate level of detail for hours on end, there's something to entice everyone.

So what do you want to know from the masterminds at ThreeGates? What made them take the leap to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight? What can we expect from the co-op modes and side quests? Whatever your question, just ask it in the comments below. We’ll collate the best ones and pitch it to ThreeGates best and brightest.

As always, the best community question - as chosen by ThreeGates – will bag themselves £20/$30/€23 credit to spend on the Green Man Gaming store, as well as a Legends of Aethereus 4-pack for you and your friends, courtesy of ThreeGates.

Heroes and heroines, you have your quest! Go forth and uncover the ultimate and rarest of questions! Good luck!

Ben, Joncol and the Playfire Team

Competition: Hands-on with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

To celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - coming to PlayStation 3 on September 13 - the lovely folks at Square Enix are holding a pre-launch event and we've got two tickets!

Hosted on Friday, September 6 at the Soho Hotel in London, the lucky attendees will not only get some quality hands-on time with the game before anyone else, but they'll get the unique opportunity to meet Series Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto and Series Composer Yoko Shimomura. If getting your favourite Kingdom Hearts memorabilia autographed by such esteemed and world-renowned talent wasn't enough, you can capture the moment forever in their Kingdom Hearts-themed photobooth.

So what have you got to do to nab yourself a ticket? Simple; first you need to add Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX to your Playfire wishlist. Then just tell us what you love most about the Kingdom Hearts series in the comments below, be it the vibrant Disney worlds, or just the loveable characters - be sure to warn people if there are spoilers!

We'll pick two winners using our handy random number generator on Tuesday, September 3 at 12:00 UTC.

Good luck!

Ben, Joncol and the Playfire Team

Playfire Q&A: I Fight Bears

The one and only bearded superstar, Nicoll Hunt, has graciously dragged himself away from slaving over his next title, FIST OF AWESOME, to answer your eager questions.

What was the catalyst that pushed you to create your own indie studio, and what would your advice be to any other aspiring game developers looking to establish their own brand and identity? - wholock

Ironically it was moving out of games that pushed me into starting my indie story. I left “AAA” games development at the end of 2010 for a new career in movie post-production software. The company I left, Realtime Worlds, was entering administration and the opportunity to move to London was too tempting to pass up. I quickly realised that I missed making games though, so I started messing around in my spare time with a second-hand iPod I’d bought. That experimentation eventually resulted in Hard Lines, a mash-up of Geometry Wars 2 and Tron, featuring a neurotic yellow line called Lionel.

The success of Hard Lines made me realise that as much fun as movie post-production software is, it could never hope to hold the same candle in my heart as making games. I made the decision to invest in myself, start my own company, and see what was possible if I really pushed myself. That company was I Fight Bears and I’ve spent the last 20 months building it - and FIST OF AWESOME - into something I can be really proud of.

The brand and identity of I Fight Bears is really a reflection of me. I used to play guitar and gig around Dundee as a solo musician under the name “I Fight Bears” and it seemed an obvious choice for my company name. Plus the stick-man vs bear logo was already tattooed on my arm! My advice to people starting out would be to look to your past for inspiration. Choose an image that really means something to you, if you feel strongly about the identity of your company it will come across when you speak to other people.

What is it about indie game development that attracts you to it, and what have you learnt in your time developing games outside of a major studio?

Pure and simple, the freedom it offers. I spent a long time being told “no” when I worked for big studios. I’d be forced to fight through layers of bureaucracy for the most trivial of changes to design. Any hope of adding personality to games was eroded by design committees, where only the least controversial ideas had any chance of surfacing.

The technical skills I learned in my time at big studios were invaluable though. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some phenomenally talented people, and every single day I’m thankful for the lessons I learned from them. I learned how games are coded from the very lowest level, how artists work at iterating ideas and composing colours and themes, all the way through to establishing clear branding and building communities around games.

If you could take specific elements from your experiences and put them together in one development environment to create ‘The Perfect Game Development Job’, what would they be?

I think I ever-so-briefly had that job. When I worked at Codemasters on Colin McRae Rally 04 I was surrounded by massively capable team, working on an evolution of an existing and highly regarded franchise, with a realistic schedule which allowed everyone to have a life outside of the studio. My time on that game solidified my skillset and - more than any other project at a major studio - gave me the freedom to leave my own mark. As someone who’d only been in the industry for a year at the time it showed me how much fun it can be sometimes.

With experience both as an Indie developer and with studios like Real Time Worlds and Codemasters, what do you think these larger studios could’ve brought to your game had they been developed under their roof? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? - JAZU

They could have brought a team of people to help, better graphics, more gameplay features, online co-op, a glitzy marketing campaign and the ability for me to work full-time on the project. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have been able to make the game I wanted in that environment. Giving full creative-control to a single person would be unacceptable for the people putting the money in. I’d have to relinquish control of the IP and game would lose its “punk” mentality.

Being indie means I don’t have to answer to anyone, and I’m free to make the most ridiculous game I want. It takes me longer, I have to largely do it myself and I have to balance it with paid work, but it’s all mine. I’ve written every line of code for the game, I’ve designed every character, I’ve written every line of dialogue, and I’ve tweaked every millisecond of timing for the combat system. The satisfaction I get from that is priceless and as hard work as it is I wouldn’t like to have done it any other way.

Was it difficult to make the transition from major studio work to being indie (money-wise, less people to interact with, hardware/software limitations, etc.)? Was this ever something that made you doubt your decision to go indie? - wraith2k4

I handled the money aspect by not going full-indie. I (still) work part-time at the post-production job and that pays for my rent and food. Hopefully when the game is finally out it will help replace the drop in earnings but I’m thankfully not dependant on it for survival. Ironically I’ve met some amazing people as a result of locking myself my spare room to make a game. I regularly meet up with other indie developers in London and I’m lucky to be part of a vibrant and supportive community.

The Kickstarter I ran last year helped on the hardware/software limitations side and as a result I have everything needed to finish the game in a comfortable, professional way.

I wanted to do this so badly that nothing was going to stop me and I’ve never doubted my decision since I started. I tend to be pretty tenacious when I have an idea, and going indie has seen me at my most determined.

Where did the inspiration of punching bears in the face come from? Have you ever punched a real bear? What would be your advice to any people looking to get involved in the act of bear punching? Are there particular safety measures to adhere to?

The punching bears thing comes from my brief foray as a solo musician in Dundee, when I called myself “I Fight Bears”.

I’d strongly recommend only pursuing bear pugilism in the virtual form of FIST OF AWESOME. Bears are wild animals and can literally rip your face off. Plus, it’s pretty rude to walk up anyone - bear or human - and start punching them about the head.

As a participant of the Kickstarter experiment, do you think that there will always be the same level of public goodwill towards crowd-sourced projects? What do you think are the most prominent pros and cons to Kickstarter? - chrispy145

I think there will always be an audience willing to support creative people pursuing their dreams.

Kickstarter Pros: Access to a huge, engaged, supportive community. Lets you be funded directly by fans, no interfering from middlemen.

Kickstarter Cons: Can be hard to get exposure without a track record. Running a campaign is a big undertaking.

How do you deal with the responsibility of using people’s money to fund your campaign? Are people directly supportive or critical once they have contributed to your Kickstarter?

The way I see it people supported the Kickstarter because they want to see me make the game I want to make, and as such I see my only responsibility is to do exactly whatever I want to do.

The support I’ve received has been phenomenal. I’m currently about 6 months beyond when I thought I’d be finished and I still only receive messages of positive support and goodwill. I try to regularly keep backers updated on what I’m up to and where the project is, and I think my honesty stops people feeling deceived or slighted at the continually moving release date.

With the surging popularity of indie development, certain developers have set out to make themselves more prolific, but not always solely using the quality of their games. Do you think this has helped the indie gaming market flourish, or have these figures been detrimental to other developers? - Exu

I’m assuming this question is referring to people like Phil Fish, Jonathan Blow, etc. I think indie games are flourishing just now because of the increased quality of tools available to developers. Making games has never been easier and I think the increase in quality that’s brought is why we’re in something of an “indie renaissance”. If people can make a name for themselves because of that I say fair play to them.

If the opportunity came around for you to have your games published, is this something you would consider, or are you now completely dedicated to the ‘pure’ self-published indie scene?

I’ve been approached a few times by publishers, especially after the success of the Kickstarter. I’d never describe myself as “pure” but I don’t think I could work with a publisher for FIST OF AWESOME. It’s too personal a project for me, and I’m far too precious about how it’s developed to let a third party interfere in its development.

I’d also rather build my own company’s reach and audience. It might take longer, but the rewards and satisfaction are much greater if you do something yourself. I look at people like The Behemoth as an inspiration for this kind of stuff.

How is it developing for platforms like OUYA and the like? Do you have to use a different approach to how you make your game or is all largely the same?

It’s largely the same; most of the differences are technical things. Adding controller support for menus, being aware of TV overscan areas and ensuring text is big enough to be readable from 6 foot away are the main concerns when doing console development.

I do most of my development on iOS and only switch to Android/OUYA for testing. Since I put in effort early on to run the same codebase and art assets on all platforms it’s a straightforward and relatively pain-free process.

As always we'd like to thank you all for contributing your questions and a big thanks to Nicoll for giving up his valuable time. We're sure you'll agree that he's painted an impressive picture of what it's like to go it solo... AND SURVIVE! A delivery of GMG credit will be heading its way to a lucky contributor soon, so keep a watchful eye on your inbox.

FIST OF AWESOME is due for release on OS, Android, and OUYA September 2013; PC and Mac this winter. If you'd like to know more about FIST OF AWESOME visit or follow Nicoll on twitter. Don't forget to add it to your wish list on Playfire too!

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Scheduled Maintenance - Friday, August 23

Hey guys,

Playfire will be offline for the majority of tomorrow, Friday 23rd August. This includes both Playfire for web and Vulcan, as well as comments on the blog. We're expecting approximately 8 hours of downtime, commencing from 8am UK / midnight PST / 7am UTC, although this may last longer depending on how things go. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. We're migrating the Playfire servers and everything in them, (a really huge job) which will drastically improve the site's performance and allow us to start implementing all of the features we've been working on for the last few months!

Once Playfire resumes service, several things like the Search functionality and other parts of the site may not be available straight away. Things will gradually come back throughout the rest of the day before Playfire is back up to 100% usability, but we'll aim to have the site back online as soon as possible.

Thanks for your continued patience, we can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

J, Ben and the Playfire Team

Playfire Chat: Gamescom

So, Gamescom is well underway and gaming news is bombarding our ears. We’ve had impressive displays from Xbox One with the likes of FIFA 14 and Titanfall, Sony came out all guns blazing on the indie front with PlayStation 4, and also revealed a release date of 15th and 29th November in the US and Europe, respectively. Even EA had a lot to say, showing off Dragon Age Inquisition and the stunning Battlefield 4.
But what do YOU want from Gamescom? What is the one game you’d want to be unveiled at the show? We’re done with all the press briefings, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be potential surprises around the corner. If you could have ANY game announced this week, what would it be? It could be anything in the world, from remakes to reboots, sequels to brand new rumored IPs.
The Playfire Team choice would be Elder Scrolls VI. Although we know that Bethesda is probably working on Fallout 4, – we’re not complaining, we love Fallout as much as the next post-apocalyptic fanboy – Elder Scrolls is where our hearts really lie. We want more sword fighting, magic casting, shouting housecarls off the side of snowy mountains and The Dark Brotherhood. Also, talking dogs. Elder Scrolls VI would definitely need more dogs. Screw the Thieves guild, dogs should be a joinable faction. Game of the Year material, right there.

Our ridiculous ideas aside, tell us what game – remake, reboot, sequel or a brand new IP – you’d want to hear about this Gamescom. Get chatting!

It's Time to Chew Gum and Conquer Nippon

And I'm all out of gum.

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Playfire Chat: GTA V multiplayer

GTA V is just around the corner, and with a little over a month until it’s in your hands, in your console and in your life; Rockstar is ready to show off the game’s multiplayer component to the world later this week. The online component of the game has been a mega locked-down secret until now - as features often are with Rockstar - but that hasn’t stopped speculation about the game’s multiplayer features running rampant on the internet until no one can bear to think about GTA V anymore.

But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to hear what you think! What do you think GTA V online needs to do to make it the best open world multiplayer experience ever? The single player is going to be bloody brilliant, that much is certain, but the multiplayer needs to extra-super-mega-good if people are going to get involved and keep playing long into 2014.

Your ideas can be serious stuff, or the more ridiculous crazy concepts that only your bizarre dreams could devise. Our example thrusts Thunderbirds into the GTA universe, with Thunderbird 2 – our personal favourite ‘Bird’ – taking down helicopters in style.
Oh, and if you’re wondering the whereabouts of Thunderbird 4 - because we know these things are important - it is NOT inside T2 at this point. It’s accompanying Thunderbird 1 - which doesn’t feature here because my Photoshop skills don’t stretch far enough for that kind of wizardry – on an important reconnaissance mission.
That’s our insane crackpot of an idea for multiplayer mayhem, what’s yours?

Football Manager 2014 on Green Man Gaming

The time of year is coming once again - Football Manager 2014 is now available to pre-purchase on Green Man Gaming!

Remember to also make use of the 25% voucher available, to get that extra saving:


This close season has seen a right old Managerial merry-go-round … Guardiola to Bayern Munich, Ferguson retired and Moyes in at Man Utd, Benitez gone to Napoli, Ancelotti to Real Madrid and Laurent Blanc and Claudio Ranieri having a battle of the chequebooks this year at PSG and Monaco respectively.  But who do you think will be the first big managerial casualty this year?  Who will get the chop before the bacon?  And who will ultimately emerge as the best managerial appointment?


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Playfire Q&A: I Fight Bears

Hello everyone!

We’re preparing for another fine Playfire Q&A - where you provide the questions - with the frankly brilliant indie studio, I Fight Bears and its founder, Nicoll Hunt.

Previously part of Codemasters and Real Time Worlds before moving into the exciting world of indie development, where he co-developed the commercially and critically successful iOS game, Hard Lines. Now, Nicoll has launched his own studio, I Fight Bears, where he takes on the daunting task to create his own unique indie games, fuelled by coffee and rainbow-dreams.

With Kickstarter funding behind the project, I Fight Bears is working on its epic first title, Fist of Awesome. Playing as the time-travelling lumberjack Tim Burr, you embark (sorry) on a pun-filled adventure to beat up bears using your trusted magic talking fist.

The beat ‘em up is a nostalgia trip, evoking the likes of Streets of Rage and Final Fight, and is heading to iOS, Android and OUYA – you can grab the ‘A Bit of a Fist of Awesome” demo now. After that, work will begin on the GRIZZLY EDITION of the game, which will hit PC and Mac, adding 4-player multiplayer, new characters and new arenas.

As ever, the Playfire Q&A is a great chance for you to get insightful answers to your burning questions. As an indie developer, I Fight Bears sits in a really unique part of the game development industry, and its relationship with Kickstarter gives it an even more interesting edge for you to take advantage of with your inquisitive minds.

We’ll be selecting the best questions to put forward for the final Q&A piece, which will go live in the next week or so. As ever, the user with the best question will win £20/$30/€23 GMG Credit, which you can use on any game in store.

Get your thinking-caps on!

Scrooge McDuck's Riches 25% Off

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More great deals coming at you. Might also be able to make use of our 20% voucher, too! Grab Legends of Aethereus and start hacking and slashing away!

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Playfire Vulcan BETA Update

Another Playfire Vulcan build has arrived courtesy of Express Engineer Deliveries Ltd. Much like the last release we're tying up those last few loose ends, squashing a few bugs, before we start the initial work on some bigger features - so expect the number of released to become less frequent in the coming weeks.

For those that are curious, of the Playfire Vulcan BETA contains the following changes:
  • Improvements have been made to efficiency and reliability of the data gathering for PSN accounts.
  • Users are required to accept the Terms and Conditions before they can register a new account via Playfire Vulcan.
  • Resolved a rare issue where account details might not have been saved correctly when the user was updating their login information.
  • An error message now appears for users who haven’t entered a code for the Xbox Live 2-Step authentication.
  • Minor improvement and tweaks to the upgrade and installation process.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements to the UI.
We've been quizzing you about the kind of bells and whistle you'll be expecting from the Playfire companion and we feel we've got a pretty good picture of what that looks like. The tasks are quite daunting, very ambitious, but ultimately they're going to be super-fun to work on - we can't wait to tell you more.

As ever, don't shy away from telling us about what you want to see from Playfire Vulcan in the near or distant future. You've all been fantastic beta testers so we want to make sure it evolves to become everything you want and more!

Until then, we've must return to our on-going search for Princess Peach.

Ben (radMonkey), Joncol and the Playfire Team.

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Playfire Vulcan BETA Update

A whole week without a Playfire Vulcan release, what's going on?! Well fear not, this well-oiled engine is running smoothly and on time.  As we start to tie up the loose ends here and there, squashing those last remaining bugs, you might find the gap between releases gets wider as we start development on some of the bigger and - quite frankly - cooler new features.

Our lips remain sealed for now, but it's all very exciting. Speaking of which, it's never too late to suggest features and improvements of your own. If you've got a great idea just head over to the Playfire Vulcan feedback thread and let us know. In the meantime, let's take a look at what you can expect to find in today's build.

The release of Playfire Vulcan includes the following changes:

  • Resolved an issue in where the ‘enabled’ toggle switch for game accounts was reset, incorrectly turning data gathering on for game accounts.
  • Resolved an issue that could result in the Steam Guard window being presented to the user, but the Steam Guard email wasn’t sent.
  • When run for the first time, Playfire Vulcan no longer overwrites the details of your game accounts on without asking first.
  • The confirmation buttons on the account-linking screen are now disabled while Playfire Vulcan tests and authenticates your game accounts.
  • Improved data gathering for users with large game profiles - Playfire Vulcan now gathers data for longer before cancelling the task and restarting.
  • Resolved an issue where switching programs would hide the settings screen and other pop-up windows.
  • The Steam CAPTCHA window now has the ability to refresh the image.
That's it for now. We'll be back soon with another update and a Letter from the Engine Room, so keep a keen eye on the blog.


Ben (radMonkey), Joncol and the Playfire Team.

Green Man Gaming Survey for Summer 2013

Those who have been around a while know we like to get a survey out every 6 months where we can.

If you're happy to take the time and give us a hot spoonful of your opinion and feedback we'd really appreciate it.

Everyone who fully completes the survey will also be entered into a draw. On August 31st 2013 we'll pick five winners to win $50 USD (or the equivalent for your account), which you can then use on anything across the GMG store!

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2059 UTC August 2nd: Due to an oversight on my part to add a field for GMG username I've had to clear all of those who had already responded to the survey, as we wouldn't be able to have those few hundred people entered into the draw. It's not great those who already filled it in lost all the answers they submitted but I believe it's better to allow them a chance to go into the prize draw. My personal apologies for anyone who is going to re-enter all their answers. The field for GMG username is now at the end of the survey, and one question in the survey is also fixed for layout.

-James and the GMG Team

Rockstar August Event Begins

We've got a ton of great Rockstar deals going live this weekend. I think I'll be doing some sleuthing myself. These deals are all available until 1500 UTC August 12th:

We've got other deals available too until 1500 UTC August 5th, so don't forget to check them out and share them around (I mean, everyone should play The Walking Dead):


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