Weekend Deals: Free Pun Inside!

This weekend brings another round of sterling deals and another amazing pun by yours truly. There's no need to thank me, really. It's a public service. That will one day get me lynched. But not today!

Here's a small selection of the many, many deals available this weekend, all available now until 1600 UTC Monday June 3rd:

Check out the GMG store to see more, and don't forget to check for available vouchers!

*Regional restrictions apply as usual.
**Available until 1600 UTC Tuesday June 4th.

Daily Doses of Daily Deals

In addition to all the deals and vouchers running this weekend we've got a lot of 24 and 48 hour ONLY deals. If you want these you'll need to get in quick as soon as they start!

Available from Friday 1600 UTC:

Available from Saturday 1600 UTC:

Available from Sunday 1600 UTC:

*Regional restrictions apply as usual.

Playfire Vulcan PSN Tracking

Hey guys, 

We’re happy to announce that Vulcan now supports PSN and Trophy tracking alongside the pre-existing Steam and Xbox support. This means you can add your PSN name to Vulcan, track your in-game progress and collate all your gaming progress from Steam, Xbox Live and PSN in one place – all for free. 

To ensure your version of Vulcan is up to date, please follow the below steps, whichever is applicable to you. 

Head to the Playfire homepage here. Once you’re set up with a brand new account, download Playfire Vulcan and follow the steps to install the client on to your PC, log in with your Playfire account and get tracking! 

Simply go to the Playfire Vulcan download page and follow the steps to install Vulcan to your PC. 

Update your version of Vulcan to the most recent build. Version went live today, May 31st. It corrects text on the PlayStation username watermark on the networks screen. 

Last but not least, a huge thanks to our beta testers, who helped us test the PSN arm of the client to iron out all bugs and make sure everything was working the way we wanted. You should now experience smooth and seamless Trophy tracking for PSN, alongside pre-existing Steam and Xbox tracking. 



Remember Voucher

More vouchers available for you this week!


Available on hundreds of digital PC titles on Green Man Gaming* to provide a 20% discount!


This code will provide 25% off the following selected titles for a limited time** only:
*This voucher is valid until 1500 UTC June 14th 2013. Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers, multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction, and that vouchers do not work on bundles or physical versions of games.

**This voucher is valid until 1500 UTC June 14th 2013. Only available on titles listed above.

Rise of the Triad rising on Green Man

Hey all,

More than a few of you have been asking if we'd get Rise of the Triad up on GMG. Good news: We are!

The Apogee team have been in touch with us and sent us a cover comparison between the original of 1995 and, to quote them, "the new hotness", which you can check out above !  Launching this summer, notably on your favourite store ever (right?), you'll be able to enjoy the energetic multiplayer modes with everyone else in the world, as well as the return of Dog Mode, Shrooms mode and a hell of a lot more on top!

We've also got the system requirements, in case you need to rush out and buy a new graphics card:
OS:Windows XP 32-bit
Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor or Better
Memory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT
Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
Sound:DirectX Compatible 
OS:Windows 7 64-bit
Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core Processor or Better
Memory:4 GB RAM
Graphics:AMD Radeon HD 6950 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
Sound:DirectX Compatible

More info is available on the official website and Liking them on Facebook is a cool idea.

And now we play the waiting game. Your move.

Site Maintenance on 29th May

Hi all,

Between 0700 and 0800 UTC, on Wednesday May 29th, we will be performing some maintenance to our servers. For the period of the maintenance no purchases will be possible on the Green Man Gaming store.

Make sure you check for time conversion in your local region for when this will affect you.

UPDATE 0818 UTC May 29th: The maintenance period was postponed and the shop remained operational.


Playfire Q&A with Criterion Games

Hey guys,

Due to the popularity of our inaugural Q&A with Arcen Games’ Chris Park – if you missed it then catch it here  - we decided to do another!

This time around, we’re chatting to Criterion’s Senior Lead QA, Dom Ireland, who’s heavily involved in the studio’s latest game, the recently announced Need for Speed Rivals. Of course, Criterion has a great history of excellent racers, ranging from the brilliant Burnout franchise to the more recent and rebooted Need for Speed games, and Criterion's touch helped reinvigorate the series with their signature style of automobile carnage.

Dom has kindly agreed to answer some of your questions about QA in the games industry, and what it’s like to work for a revered development studio with such a vast expanse of experience and talent. Quality Assurance is an integral part of game development, the the QA guys are responsible for ensuring the game works, looks top-tip and sounds great before it flies out of the studio door.

It’s a well-known fact that most entry-level games development jobs start in QA, so this is a fantastic opportunity to discover anything you may be curious about when thinking about working in the industry. It’s also a great chance to discover the inner workings of a studio, and the processes and roles involved in making a triple-A game.

Leave your questions in the comments below (Or on our forums) and we’ll be sure to ask the best and most popular ones. The full Q&A will be available some time next week.

Thanks guys!


Project Vulcan Update

Hey guys,

We’ve updated Vulcan to version It fixes the following issues:

Fixed incorrect PSN Trophy counts
Vulcan updated to function alongside Steam Trading Card beta without error.
Vulcan now notifies users if Xbox account has been blocked. Provides link to solution page.
Client should no longer crash when exiting from sleep mode
Notifications are no longer shown when user is playing full-screen games
Vulcan now works with larger DPIs


Daily Deals from Square Enix

Some big deals coming at you via Square - including an all-time favourite from when I was a teen - Soul Reaver 2!

As an added bonus, all of these games are available for multi-purchase up to a maximum of 5, so if you have some friends that desperately need to recognise the brilliance of Sleeping Dogs you can help them!

Tomb Raider is 66% off for 24 hours from 1500 UTC May 24th

Hitman Absolution and Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition are 66% off for 24 hours from 1500 UTC May 25th

The Last Remnant is 75% off for 24 hours from 1500 UTC May 26th

Legacy of Kain series is 75% off for 24 hours from 1500 UTC May 27th

On top of the daily deals there's 50% off some of the best titles out there for a limited time, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Just Cause 2, and the Sleeping Dogs Pack. For more deals check out the GMG store!

You can always keep track of deals we have and vouchers available by checking the Deals and Vouchers labels.

Regional restrictions will apply as usual.

Weekend Deals: Crusading Across the World

This weekend we have deals on all sorts of titles! You can also buy multiple copies of a ton of the games on sale and give them to your friends - except for Capsule games, obviously. The maximum number of copies of a game you can buy is 5.

And for strategy fans Crusader Kings II is 75% off until 1600 UTC 27th May.  Selected Crusaders Kings II DLC are also 75% off for the same time:

There's a ton of other deals available this weekend so definitely, definitely check out the website! Don't forget to check out our vouchers, too!

Regional restrictions will apply as usual on titles.

Aaahh, Very Indie-Resting!

Yes, overall that would've worked better if there was some kind of undead theme going on, but the pun came to me last week and I thought "Hey that's fun, right?"

I was met with stunned silence. Silence I can only presume was the result of my brilliant punwork. Let's not get into that now, anyway. There are indie deals to be had each day this week just like the last!

Anodyne is 50% off for 24 hours from Monday 1500 UTC!

Pro Riders Snowboard is 50% off for 24 hours from Tuesday 1500 UTC!

Bollywood Wannabe is 70% off for 24 hours from Wednesday 1500 UTC!

Chaos on Deponia is 15% off for 24 hours from Thursday 1500 UTC!

To The Moon is 50% off for 24 hours from Friday 1500 UTC!

Telltale Games Joins GMG in Style with Sale

Remember a few weeks ago when we trialled multiple purchases on Chivalry? Well, this weekend we're running another series of tests on our weekend offers!

A bunch of these coincide with the arrival of the amazing games of Telltale Games, creators of the celebrated point and click episodic series of The Walking Dead!

The following titles are available for multi-purchase, up to a maximum of five copies. They're also on sale until 1500 UTC 20th May:
These next three are on sale until 1500 UTC 24th May:
On top of the multi-purchase powers we've got offers across a ton of other Telltale and Team 17 games, so check out the website, and don't forget to see the vouchers we have available now!

GRID 2 Pre-purchase Bonuses

Here at GMG we love a good pre-purchase bonus, so if you pre-purchase the PC Digital version of GRID 2 you not only get one of the most anticipated racing titles this year for a great price (see this post about our 25% discount code), but you will also receive the following:
If you've already pre-purchased GRID 2, don't worry! We will be sending all those who pre-purchased an email containing a voucher code that will give you 100% off your purchase of GRID.

If you pre-purchase now you will receive a voucher code in the order confirmation email (at the bottom). Which, as mentioned above, will give you a 100% discount on GRID.

The Headstart DLC will be a game key sent out along with the GRID 2 keys. Please remember we do not guarantee pre-load.

We're Playing: Reus

The team behind Reus were very generous and gave us a couple of keys to try out Reus. Rather than take a traditional review format we sat down and talking about what we thought of the game in general. And for those of you who don't read the full post: It's good!

Abbey Games also gave us a ton of extra keys to use in a competition so check the bottom of this post for more information on that!

James: Reus, game of being a planet, and controlling giants to create a planet worthy of human settlement. First by creating habitable land, then putting in food, minerals, and other natural resources to encourage village creation (expanding on those villages by increasing the available resources and completing town projects). What did you think George?

George: Well, it's probably one of only a handful of god games I've ever played, but I really enjoyed it.

James: The tutorials make a good start to introducing all of the different aspects (assuming you play all three, you can dive right in after two I think), though when it came to actual gameplay, while it feels quite slow-paced overall things change very suddenly.

George: Yeah, it definitely escalates quickly!
James: After taking time to make a nice little habitable swamp things were going well, then suddenly another town pops up, and they're both trying to do projects that need constant attention. One of them started to get greedy saying they're thinking about war, so I had the swamp giant deal with that. Put them right in their place.

George: I had three villages, two swamp and one desert. All of which had time constrained projects, which certainly made for some frantic gameplay decisions because the giants move so slowly.

James: It's a very interesting game as a whole package. You watch a livestream of it (As I did yesterday here) thinking, "Oh man this is gonna be awesome, I'm gonna make an amazing planet." And then you get in there thinking "Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, chill out!" because the humans get greedy so quickly. I could hardly keep up when I had a planet with four towns, and then suddenly a fifth popped up. I admit I panicked and restarted the game.

George: Haha, when my village became too greedy I just destroyed it. Can't be dealing with greedy villagers!
George: I did find the boundaries to be a little too small (at least during the villages' creation)

James: I know what you mean, placement makes it a real challenge. I actually tried to pre-empt it creating one village. I thought my swamp village is gonna be into technology so I placed technology boosting resources, but I discovered that's just a "likely to" rather than "definitely will," as they started work on a fishing project instead which needed food and wealth instead.

George: The thing I really liked was the symbiosis. The fact that different things affected others in various ways. I loved when you transmute a plant into tomatoes it provides tech. I must admit that did amuse me.

James: TechnoMatos.  The variety of transmutations is impressive. The most interesting town I've had so far (with my limited gametime) was crossing two biomes, one swamp and one desert, so I had a bunch of rattlesnakes near to a stoat nest.  Transmuting stuff does mean that you need to constantly be able to adapt to the new ecosystems you create. Reason being if you upgrade that animal nest to something else, the symbiosis you had before isn't worth anything anymore! I think that's where having multiple towns growing at once really becomes a challenge.

George: Yeah, I started off with the symbiosis being the main focus. However as I had three villages on the go I just focused on meeting the requirements to get my little ambassadors!  I just ended up expanding the swamp habitat so I ended up with two swamp ambassadors on two different giants. (Ambassadors make your giants stronger and give them new powers which is crucial to developing!)
James: Have you had anyone actually go to war yet? I've never let them yet, since I don't know what it'd do… but I'm curious now.

George: I had two swamp villages right next to each other but they didn't fight, despite one of the villages asking for swords and catapults.

James: Hah yeah that's a situation when you've got to worry:

"Hey uh.. they're making these really sharp things just across the bog there. Should we be worried?"

"Nah I'm sure it's fine. They're probably for hunting frogs."

James: I think that's why I try to make the villages as far away from each other as possible.

George: Then again - survival of the fittest (or rather the ones you best equipped for war).
George:  I can tell you now I will be playing this game all weekend. Though it may seem daunting, and believe me the pace at which the game moves it is at first, there is so much to explore and do. Perfecting symbiosis, using different ambassadors on different gods, the huge number of projects.

We've only scratched the surface on Reus. We haven't even touched on the charming art style!

(For delightful and charming art style check out this trailer)

James: Time for the most important question: best giant?

George: Mountain giant. The earthquake ability to destroy unruly villages makes it my favourite. How about yours? (George stopped talking about Reus and devolved into song at this point)

James: Ocean giant, definitely. It can also destroy villages with ocean-creating pounding into the ground and also it's a giant crab. *Clack-clack*


Did you speed past our look at Reus? That's okay, we won't pass judgment because we were just as excited when we got the email from Abbey Games! To show your support why not give some thanks and  

We have 15 copies of Reus to give away this weekend. To have a chance at winning  and tweet with the button below:

Winners will be selected on Monday 20th May and contacted via Twitter DM! You'll also be announced as a winner publicly on the Green Man Gaming channel.

UPDATE 1335 GMT+1 20th May: Winners have been chosen and will be contacted shortly by DM and announced on our Twitter channel!