Weekend Ultimate Deals

Deals abound with a multitude of packs, collections and bundles this weekend at Green Man Gaming.

Our shortest deal is on the Borderlands Pack. It's 69% off until 1600 UTC April 28th, so don't miss out on this one, tell your friends, tell everyone!

The following packs are all on offer until 1600 UTC May 3rd:

The following deals are all available until 1600 UTC April 29th:

GMG Trivia: We got vouchers, people.

*Regional restrictions apply as usual on products.

Stock up on games with our vouchers

It's that time again, time for vouchers! This weekend it's definitely also time to deal out some pain to zombies as Dead Island: Riptide is now available to play everywhere.

First up, 20% off hundreds of digital PC titles with the following code*:


We also have 25% off select titles, listed below*:


GMG Trivia: We've got a Q&A coming up with the man behind A Valley Without Wind. Got any burning questions about it? Ask them here!

*Valid until 1500 UTC May 3rd. Certain titles are excluded from any voucher use. 
**Valid until 1500 UTC May 3rd and only valid against the titles listed above.

Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Vouchers do not work on bundles or physical products from Green Man Gaming.

You Can Buy Multiple Copies of Chivalry

We're running a quick test here at Green Man Gaming, and we need your help to do it.

We've now set an option on Chivalry on the store to allow multiple copies to be bought by a single Green Man Gaming account (up to a maximum of five, which seems fair, right?).  The best part about this is that Chivalry is 66% off for just over 7 hours! The offer ends at 1600 UTC April 25th so grab some friends and pick it up.

Because dismembering Masons alone isn't nearly as fun as doing it with friends.

If you have any feedback on the ability to or experience of buying multiple copies of games from GMG let us know in the comments below. As a quick note you need to be logged in to your GMG account before you can add multiple copies to your basket.


Keep Us Covered #4: Your Choice

UPDATE May 1st: Took a bit longer to get to this! The indisputable winner is #3! You'll be able to see this image uploaded to both Facebook and Google+!

We've taken all the screenshots you gave us and made them into a shortlist. A big thanks to everyone who submitted theirs!  Here's the final six:

1. Havenissen - A Kerbal takes some careful steps on the Mun

2. J.Wind - Welcome to Columbia

3. Midhras - Farewell to Earth in Fallout 3

4. SmileyBarry - Things always seem to break apart around this "Max" fellow.

5. Stebsis - So much fight in Strike Suit Zero.

6. Twicefivemiles - Ezio ignores health warnings, stares directly into Sun.

To vote for which one you think should be our next Facebook Cover Photo just drop a comment on this blog post and tell us which you think is best. It's up to you guys now! At the end of the week we'll count it up and put it into action!


Playfire scheduled maintenance

Hey guys,

Playfire will be down for scheduled maintenance for about an hour from 7.30am GMT +1 tomorrow morning onwards.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Dead Island: Riptide Pre-Purchase Bonuses

This is an update on the pre-purchase offer available for Dead Island: Riptide available from Green Man Gaming.

We are removing Risen from the pre-purchase offer.  Everyone who pre-purchases will still receive Dead Island: Riptide and the Survivor Pack DLC.

Instead, in order to continue offering the best deal possible, we will be allowing voucher usage on Dead Island: Riptide with our 20% voucher available.

How does this affect me?

All orders from this point (1620 UTC April 22nd) will not receive a voucher for Risen. If you have already received a voucher for Risen you can still use it until the expiry date attached to it (visible in your order confirmation email with the voucher).

If you pre-purchased when Risen was a bonus, but no vouchers were used in your order, and no GMG Credit or Cash Back was available (i.e., you paid full price for Riptide), if you contact us via our support site our support team will provide your account with some GMG Credit.


Project Vulcan Update

Hey guys,

We've released an update for the Playfire Client. It fixes the following issues users were experiencing.

* Vulcan no longer checks for new versions of the client on start-up. This now occurs hourly.

* Vulcan now has right-click/exit function when minimised in tray.

* Steam Guard window now appears when gathering games. No longer crashes the client when Steam Guard key is required.

* Notifications no longer show as separate window from the Client when alt/tabbing.

* Error message “problem uploading to Playfire” now resolved.


Dead Island: Riptide Preload

Attention surviving humans,

Keys for Dead Island: Riptide are in the process of being distributed for pre-load. Keys may arrive earlier for some than others, as we navigate the massing zombie hordes. Remain calm, your key will arrive within 24 hours. Take great care not to disturb any undead within your vicinity.

Everyone who has pre-purchased will receive a Riptide key and a Survivor Pack DLC key, both to be activated on Steam. Please note, as per our support post, the Survivor Pack DLC may activate as Riptide DLC 2 Retail on Steam - this is intended and should be no cause for alarm. The support post also contains other useful information in case you have further queries.

25% Code for GRID 2, Revelations & More!

UPDATE 1600 UTC April 23rd: As you could guess from the title, there's a 25% voucher available on a selection of games available from Green Man Gaming. We're on the cusp of the weekend so let's not waste any time with it!*



UPDATE 1500 UTC April 22nd:

Our 20% voucher has also been extended.**  Use it on hundreds of PC digital titles to get that extra saving you've been craving for this month's gaming!


*This code is valid until 1500 UTC April 26th and only valid against the titles listed above.
**This code is valid until 1500 UTC April 26th. Certain titles are excluded from any voucher use. 

Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Vouchers do not work on bundles or physical products from Green Man Gaming.

Keep Us Covered #4

It's been over 2 months since we last had one of these! All the excitement and activity in these past few weeks has completely distracted me from running this more regularly, either way I'm sure a lot of you guys haven't been bored for new games and I bet you've got a lot more cool screenshots to share with us!

Our last winner was Valentin with this screenshot, which then became our Facebook cover photo for a few weeks:

Want your own screenshot masterpiece on the Green Man Gaming Facebook page?  Just post a link to your screenshot(s) in this blog post and after the weekend we'll take a look at them all and make a shortlist for a community vote.


GMG Trivia: My screenshots at the moment largely consist of Kerbal Space Program attempts at doing anything successfully!

Playfire maintenance

Hey guys,

Playfire will be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow morning for about an hour around 9am GMT +1.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Achievements in Games: Do they change your gaming habits?

We stumbled across an article about achievements and trophies on VentureBeat. Playfire got a mention there and it popped right into our sights.

It got a few of us talking about how we treat achievements in games, and how a few of us personally feel about achievements in games. George has been mentioned a few times on the blog before, he works on the Green Man Gaming marketing desk, and Sam AKA Joncol, the Playfire Community Manager.


Sam: I like achievements because it makes me do things I wouldn't do otherwise. I see more of the game. Like finding easter eggs for collectibles.

George: I don't change the way I play to get achievements, but if I'm within touching distance of one I would try to get it. Take F1 for example, if there's an achievement to win a race starting at the back of the grid I'll go for it.

James: But then that's just trying to come first instead of specifically trying to get the cheev.

George: Yeah, I'm more just putting myself in a position to get the achievement anyway when winning the race, which I planned on doing anyway.

James: I just don't find them relevant. I mean I can see how it might expand gameplay for lot of people by adding extra challenges they wouldn't think of doing. But for me they're just a complete afterthought to my gaming experience.  Take Nazi Zombie Army for example, when we played that we were getting different achievements for various feats of true zombie destruction, but it just doesn't influence what I'm doing or how I play. I'm just playing to complete the mission and kill zombies. After we'd finished there was something like "Killed 20 zombies with 1 explosive," and it just feels like a note saying this is what I did, rather than "Wow you totally achieved this!"

George: Have you ever restarted a game for missing an achievement at the beginning of it?

James: Me? No.

Sam: I don't think so. I've definitely replayed levels to get an achievment in L.A. Noire. I pretty much had all the achievements so I just kept trying to get it. I managed to 100% it.

James: Was it worth it?

Sam: Yeah.

George: I nearly managed 100% F1 2010. I wouldn't try to 100% it because the world has moved on, as the newer games came out.

James: Do you find its just for your own enjoyment in terms of seeing everything a game has to offer, or so you can show off (like finishing Dark Souls) to mates?

Sam: I'm a bit of a completionist.  I haven't done it for every game, only a couple. I've almost got Skyrim to 100% completion, including the DLCs. That's taken over 300 hours.

George: If you add the entire F1series together I've clocked more than 380 hours.

James: The most I generally spend on any one game is about 50-100 hours. It's pretty unusual that I go higher than that. I normally get bored of them by then and move onto something else, shiny, new, and interesting.

Sam: They generally keep my attention for longer than that. (Skyrim case in point)

James: I've played Skyrim for about 90 hours. I did the main storyline, along with the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild lines. I explored a fair bit but I know there will be lots I never saw. It's a solid game but I still get bored. A travesty that some people point out to me.

Achievements just seem like window dressing, like Team Fortress 2 hats. Obviously challenges and achievements add more gametime, but it doesn't change what the game is at it's core.

Sam: It's a compulsive thing. You feel you're missing out where theres a game without any achievements, like Nintendo games. If you leave a game on the shelf without completing there's a permanent record of how much you didn't do in the game.


What do you think? Are achievements brilliant? Should there be more? Less?

To Boldly Discount where no Store has Discounted Before

The following voucher will provide you with a 25% discount in this select list of games. Set your wallets to stunned!*


This voucher will expire at 1500 UTC April 19th.  This code has been updated and newer details are available here.


*Regional restrictions apply on products as usual. Multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction. Vouchers do not work on bundles or physical products from Green Man Gaming. I have already been chastised for my bad punwork.

Deals of the Dead

There's a series of games all about the dead rising (ha!) from their graves to attack the living. Whether that's living plants, pixellated heroes, World War II soldiers or regular civilian types depends on which deadly deal you pick up!

These are some really awesome games. In fact I shared my thoughts on Dead Block not too long ago.

All of the following deals are valid until 1700 UTC April 22nd:

The following titles are not available in Germany due to some sort of Anti-Zombie Legislation going on there (sorry guys):


*Regional restrictions apply as standard.

Driving Deals Galore

This weekend is all about driving, and George in our office (pictured above) loves racing! Don't worry if you're not into the extreme high-octane racing, there's the opportunity to take it slow in Bus Driver.

All of the following titles are on offer until 1700 UTC April 15th:
The following titles are on offer until 1700 UTC April 19th:
Make sure to check out the vouchers we have available this weekend on our other blog post!


Dead Island: Riptide Pre-Purchase

Everyone who has pre-purchased Dead Island: Riptide will receive, via your registered account's email address, a single-use voucher to allow a 100% off purchase of Risen (which is redeemable on Steam).

In addition to this you will also receive the Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Pack DLC, providing a BBQ Blade, an XP / Stats booster, and a special shop!

When do I get all these totally badass keys and bonus vouchers?

You'll receive an email containing your single-use voucher for Risen by the end of next week (don't worry if you see some people getting theirs before you!). Importantly, when you use this voucher ensure you are logged in to your GMG account.

Please note that Dead Island: Riptide keys and Survivor Pack DLC keys will not be available until the release date.

I already pre-purchased before you offered GMG Credit, do I get credit?

No, the GMG Credit and Cash Back are only available at the time of your order as a bonus.

Bear in mind if you've already ordered you will likely have used a voucher to discount the price, and that if you were to get a refund so you could get GMG Credit you would not be able to use a voucher on the order. No vouchers are currently redeemable against Dead Island: Riptide and will not be for the duration of the GMG Credit and Cash Back offer.

Update 1236 GMT+1 April 19th: GMG Credit and Cash Back is no longer available for pre-purchases of Dead Island: Riptide.

Update 1727 GMT+1 April 22nd: The offer available for prepurchase of Riptide has changed. For details please see this blog post: http://blog.playfire.com/2013/04/dead-island-riptide-pre-purchase-bonuses.html 

Weekend Vouchers - Triple Pack!

We've got three different vouchers up this weekend! Each offering great deals on the biggest games! Here is a neat little list of them:

Valid on Defiance and Defiance Season Pass. This voucher will expire at 1700 UTC April 15th.

Valid on Company of Heroes 2. This voucher will expire at 1700 UTC April 15th.

Valid on hundreds of digital PC titles*. This voucher will expire at 1700 UTC April 19th.  This code has been updated. Newer details are available HERE.


*Note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers, multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction, and that vouchers do not work on bundles.

Playfire maintenance

Hey guys,

Playfire will be down for around half an hour for some routine maintenance.

We’ll have the site back up as soon as we can.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Midweek Mega Deals

The following Assassin's Creed III titles are 50% off now until 1600 UTC April 10th (Europe only, sorry non-euros!):

Selected Youda games and Enlight games are on a 50% discount until 1600 UTC April 12th, just some of the titles available include Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy, Youda Survivor (sadly none are called Youda Man!), Nemesis of the Roman Empire and Capitalism 2.

Miner Wars 2081 now at 75% off until 1600 UTC April 15th!

From 1600 UTC April 9th the entire Magicka series on Green Man Gaming will be 75% off for 24 hours!

GMG Trivia: Less "GMG" more just "stuff I did", but I have been playing Kerbal Space Program. Like a boss.

Focus on Focus to Help You Focus

Because we heard you like Focus!

These deals are all available from 1600 UTC April 5th until 1600 UTC April 8th. Bear in mind the 20% voucher cannot be applied to them.

There's other Focus games on offer so check out the full range here.

In a smaller indie spotlight this weekend as well, you can save 35% off Towns or 33% off Anodyne this weekend!


25% Voucher on Select Games

Hey folks,

Our 25% voucher is now valid on a whole range of other games now! The full list is below, so just make sure to add the voucher on checkout when you buy any of them:


The voucher expires at 1700 UTC April 12th.

GMG Trivia: Some of our big boss people came back from GDC this week. They brought back a few American sweets. Home-grown gummy worms seem to have a lot more flavour than those on stateside. Dunno if anyone else thinks that? Either way we still ate them all.

*Voucher not valid for North American customers on these titles, but you can receive GMG Rewards as Cash Back or GMG Credit with your purchase. Just select the option you'd prefer in checkout. Regional availability on products may apply.

Lords of Football - In Your Control

Lords of Football is a football management game with a twist. Imagine Football Manager combined with The Sims and that's sort of what you'll get.

You'll set up the formation, directly influence them during games, decide the training regime, and watch them as they get up to all sorts in their private lives. The guys behind Lords of Football have uploaded a few trailers you can check out. I recommend starting with this one:

We've been generously provided with 20 Steam keys to give away in a competition to you guys, fans of Football and Complete Control Over Simulated Lives (who didn't love deleting the ladder to the pool for kicks in The Sims? Haha, "kicks," get it?)

And why not  to tell them how awesome they are for providing us the chance for this competition? :)

Make sure you tweet before 1100 UTC April 8th (Monday) and then we'll choose winners and contact them via Twitter DM - If you aren't following us we can't message you with your prize!

GMG Trivia: Even non-football fans in the GMG office have been looking forward to this one, following all their simulated shenanigans.

State of Playfire - April 4th 2013

Hey all!

Introducing Sam (AKA Joncol)

Sam will be working with Playfire moving forward as a dedicated community manager - he’ll be very active in the community, on the buzz and the forum, helping the mods out, and looking at ways to change our rules and warning system so that it works better for everyone.

His favourite game is Dark Souls and his favourite song is "Rockstar" by Nickleback.

He’s already been around on the forums, but feel free to drop by his profile and say hello!

We need Steam alpha testers!

We're now ready to start to roll out stage 2 of the Vulcan Client: Steam tracking!

We'd like to roll it out to a handful of people for quick tests before it goes live to everyone and once again would love some help from the community.

If you'd like to help us testing this out, you'll need to have a Windows Vista / 7 / 8 computer and an active Steam account. If that's you, please drop Sam (Not Wayward!) a PM telling him what operating system you're using and when Steam games last tracked for you.

We'll pick a bunch of users to get access and we'll be prioritising active members of the community. As before, you should also be happy to have the client log some really basic information about your PC for debugging reasons.

We’ll be running the alpha across the weekend, so you’ll need to be available then!

- Wayward, Joncol & The Playfire Team

New Month, New Deals

First thing's first, remember that clocks have changed and a lot of us are now in a slightly different timezone for the shining summer months that approach! (Or winter months if you're living nearer to Antarctica)

This week at GMG it's all about bundles and packs, so pick up a bundle and pack, and pack it into your pack. Maybe get an alpaca to help carry them all. You'll certainly need it if you're gonna bring home the Dark Knight AND Wei Shen AND all the LEGO.  Most of these offers will end at 1600 UTC April 5th so don't miss out - get in quick!

Available until 1600 UTC April 4th (This one's only available in Europe, sorry!)

Available until 1600 UTC April 5th

Available until 1600 UTC April 8th

Don't forget about our 20% voucher too!