Dead Block: Horror! Doom! Unspeakable Evil!

Over the week I've been spending my spare time playing through Dead Block, a strategic defense game where you take control of a mixture of the three end-of-world survivors. They are Jack Foster, a construction worker, Mike Bacon, chubby boy scout, and Foxy Jones, a traffic warden armed with a deadly taser.  The core thing about Dead Block is that it doesn't ever take itself seriously, and within minutes of playing that's very clear. Overall the whimsical presentation and easy-to-pickup gameplay makes it really fun.
It plays out similarly to a tower defense game, except instead of defending a fixed point you need to not get eaten, which mostly means not getting cornered. There's the option to use your melee weapons and special move, but there's only so much power that offers. Before long it's clear just how powerful the defensive barricades and other constructions can be. Each character has a handful of different defenses they can place, which all affect zombies in different ways. Because each level gives you a different combination of the survivors you'll be forced to change up what barricades you'll put down.

To win the majority of levels you'll need to constantly be searching through all the items in the building you're defending for an amp, a half stack and an electric guitar. This is where Mike and Foxy come in handy as they search boxes very quickly, and if you aren't directly controlling them they will automatically search everything in the room they're in until it's completely bare.  Similarly with Jack, he will automatically destroy all the furniture if you're not using him.
When you've collected the guitar, amp and halfstack you'll be prompted to play out a few riffs to destroy the undead (they'll dance themselves to death when they hear that evil rock'n'roll). At that point the game turns into a miniature game of Guitar Hero, for about 30 seconds. Then congrats! You cleared the level!
I'd only played it through on Normal difficulty, but quickly learned that the best way for me to handle almost any situation was to use plain barricades to hold them off, one of Mike's that makes zombies "friendly" (other zombies think they're human), one of Foxy's that basically straps a bomb to a regular barricade, and an impenetrable barricade that Mike can create later in the game. With a combination of those it made it a generally smooth playthrough, with a minimal number of deaths. There might be a few "Oh hell..." moments when you've completely sealed off one area and you know the guitar is sat there, just before you pull down the barricades and try to replace it with something a bit more offensive, but these just add to the urgency as the defense behind you starts to crumble.

It's a title that's well worth trying out, with the only real flaw being the lack of online multiplayer, a note pointed out by user soad667 in his review on the Dead Block page. Check out the trailer if you're interested:


New to GMG: Sleeping Dogs Ultimate Bundle

One of the new products to arrive to GMG this week is also on a massive deal. If you pick up the Sleeping Dogs Ultimate Bundle this week you'll get it for 66% off, that's Sleeping Dogs with four DLC packs!

Just like normal, here's a selection of what's recently become available on Green Man Gaming:

If you want to see what else is there, check out the What's New page. Plus, there's a few more days use on our 20% voucher.


*Regional restrictions may apply on select titles.

BioShock Infinite Pre-Purchase Bonus

Pre-purchase BioShock Infinite from Green Man Gaming after the 21st February and you'll receive the original BioShock completely free, and one other game from the following list of your choice*. To get the bonus games you'll need to buy one of the available bundles that give you the free games: one for BioShock and one that you can use on one bonus title.
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We're going to be backdating this offer to include everyone who has pre-purchased so far. You will receive an email with two account-bound vouchers. One voucher to purchase BioShock (if you don't already have it), and a voucher for your choice of bonus game from the list of 5 above.*

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*Regional restrictions apply as standard.
Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers. Some products are excluded from voucher usage.

BioShock Infinite - Free Games

Two free games when you pre-purchase BioShock Infinite from Green Man Gaming. Full details will come at 1800 GMT February 22nd (just hours away!). Already pre-purchased it? Don't worry, you're included too!

Dead Pixels Everywhere

Looking for the next zombie kill-fest? Maybe you're already done with Zombies, one of our freebies from earlier this month. Either way Dead Pixels is what you need to look at. Check out this trailer RIGHT now:

Oh no... While you were watching that they've started breaking down the doors! They're coming! Come help us to fight them off!

We'll be able to throw down 7 keys on Twitter for the strongest survivors to use, keep a lookout in case the dead approach!

Show some support to the 1-man studio behind Dead Pixels, too:

Hiding in a cupboard, eating your food.

30% off Borderlands 2 and XCOM DLC

This is a friendly announcement for anyone that may have missed the codes gone live on Green Man Gaming recently.

Some will have 30%-off vouchers to use on any one Borderlands 2 or XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC, but that was for when you bought the base game. Here is a 30%-off voucher you can use as many times as you like on the DLC for those games, including the Borderlands 2 Season Pass (Valid until 1700 GMT February 22nd, can't be used in conjunction with another voucher)...


Looking for something different? There's a 20% voucher which can be used on hundreds of digital PC titles on the GMG store (Some products are excluded from this code. Valid until 1700 GMT March 15th, can't be used in conjunction with another voucher)...



New to GMG: Driftmoon, Dustforce and other Indies

A few new indies hit the digital shelves this week, for those who crave an intricate adventure, need to do some serious dusting, or just want to experience a simpler life on a farm. There's something for everyone this week:

Deer Hunt Legends sounds intriguing: "Fight in boss battles against the T-Rex,... the most realistic hunting game you'll ever play!" Don't go hunting unless you want to be eaten by dinosaurs!

Would you like to know more? Check out the What's New page to see what comes live on site as it happens!

There's also just a couple days left on our 20% voucher! Make sure to use it before it's gone!

Grabbin' a broom and cleaning up.

BioShock Infinite: Lamb of Columbia

A brand new trailer for BioShock Infinite has been made public on the 2K International YouTube channel. It gives a peek into the relationship between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, and shows Booker's aim to save her from Columbia.

Mitch Reviews: Dead Space 3

Does Dead Space 3 still play off of scares and thrills or is it now completely bang-bang pew-pew? Read on to see if Dead Space still has what it takes to force you to invest in new underwear.


Dead Space 3 follows series protagonist Isaac Clarke as he is once again called on to fight Necromorphs and end the Markers existence, being the only person who knows how to create and destroy them after events witnessed in 2.

The story is engrossing and well-paced with much more dialogue and characters than in the previous titles. You follow Isaac as he sets out on a journey to save Ellie, his now ex-girlfriend from the second game, with co-op partner John Carver and a handful of other characters including Ellie’s new boyfriend, Robert Norton, captain of the rescue mission.

With Isaac being the only person who can destroy the Markers and has the most experience with Necromorphs, but unwilling to to do so as he wants to be rid of the nightmares, issues and strain that they have put on his personal life, it makes for an extremely interesting game to see how Isaac copes with the threat of dying, of losing Ellie and of losing his mind.


With the standard spiel consisting of ‘dismember this, dismember that’, it is easy to see why people think that the series has taken a more action-orientated approach. Sadly, the marketing has not done the game justice as the frights and gruesome-looking Necromorphs are still present and the entire game is very reminiscent of Dead Space 2 and, though I know I may be in the minority, I believed this to be the stronger title over the first installment.

Missing is the clunkiness of its predecessors which has now been replaced by a much more robust and smoother feeling method of gameplay, allowing you to crouch and roll to evade charging Necromorphs, gun-wielding humans and those hugely irritating dog-like Necromorphs who stalk you from behind cover. This adds a new layer of depth which was missing from the original Dead Space titles and now battles feel much more frantic and fast-paced as you’ll be rolling around to avoid being cut in half or from having your head blown off by enemy fire.

Weapon crafting is the newly introduced feature that is on everybody's tongue at the moment, allowing you to create and upgrade weapons by collecting materials strewn around the levels, or achieved by completing side-missions. This works really well and allows you to experiment with some crazy ideas such as equipping a mini flamethrower to a high-tech pistol handed to you at the beginning of the game but sadly, you will have to play through several repetitive side-missions consisting of killing many Necromorphs to collect the loot at the end.

Sadly, puzzles are still as easy as they were in previous titles, relying on enemies to make things harder for you rather than a mind-boggling puzzle that rewards you for solving it. The most common offender of these being sections when you are forced to use your Kinesis to move things into position just to have several Necromorphs attack you because they are clearly shocked that you would dare move their beautiful arrangements.


The first thing I noticed was how well animated facial expressions are because, despite how well they were in the second installment, they were still fairly clunky and stiff. This has added a new layer of realism that benefits the game as it allows you to grow more attached to the characters and Isaac’s plight to save Ellie.

The art is gorgeous and aids in helping the atmosphere to unsettle you as there are many bloody walls, abandoned areas where life had previously clearly bustled and the new planet, Tau Volantis, which adds a snowy area to break up the dank, gloomy areas that are found on stranded spaceships. Sadly, Tau Volantis is a mostly wide, plain stretch of land and whilst the snow looks good, I think more time should have been spent on making Tau Volantis a much more memorable planet as it seems that scares were traded for snow.

Necromorphs look repulsive as expected with their elongated limbs, bloody bodies and all the tiny little details that make them look as if they’ve crawled straight out from within your nightmares. Sadly, you’ll be too busy trying to kill them or run away due to lack of ammo that you won’t be able to focus on what makes Necromorphs so terrifying but hopefully, if you can stop yourself from stomping on them for a few seconds, you’ll be able to see what makes them stand out and it may help you to put yourself in Isaac’s position, to see what he’s really fighting against.


Every horror game worth its money needs a captivating atmosphere aided by eerie sounds and a bone-chilling musical score. Luckily, Dead Space oozes atmosphere and its partially thanks to the great audio where you’ll hear Necromorphs scuttle through vents, weak moans from around corners and music that tells you that something is going to happen and, though you expect it, it doesn’t lessen the fright.

A great horror game should make you hesitate from turning a corner or entering a room due to the frightening sounds beyond, something that the Dead Space series has always excelled at, and I’d recommend that if you’re playing this at night, alone, that you keep a spare set of underwear with you.

Lasting Appeal

My first playthrough of the campaign lasted 9 hours and 55 minutes with various side-missions finished but there were still several to do once I had finished; they were interesting enough for me to re-visit Tau Volantis and the dark corridors of abandoned spaceships.

The main reason to re-visit Dead Space 3 will be to replay the game again in co-op, which delves deeper into Carver’s story and further establishes his character, or to retrieve all collectibles such as audio logs, text logs, etc, to gather all the trophies/achievements.

I recommend Dead Space 3 to fans of the series, especially the second title, as it is a highly enjoyable, tense and thrilling ride with a satisfying climax.

Mitchell is a freelance journalist and senior moderator at Playfire. You can find more of his work at or contact him at He's also got quite a few other reviews here.

Think Dead Space 3 is your kind of game? See if it's available in your region on Green Man Gaming

Deals of the Week: Borderlands 2 Coming Up

A delightful selection of deals are lined up for this week, and for those of you who like to know exactly what's coming we've listed some here just for you:

NBA 2K13 is 60% off until 1700 GMT February 19th (tomorrow!)

From 1700 GMT February 19th, Borderlands 2 will be 60% off for 24 hours! Plus you can use voucher GMG30-BORDE-RXCOM to get 30% off any Borderlands 2 or XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC. This code is valid until 1700 GMT February 22nd.*

From 1700 GMT February 20th, XCOM Enemy Unknown will be 60% off for 24 hours!  Plus you can use voucher GMG30-BORDE-RXCOM to get 30% off any Borderlands 2 or XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC. This code is valid until 1700 GMT February 22nd.*

For the savviest bargain-hunters out there, other deals available until 1700 GMT February 22nd include:
The Civilization V: Gods & Kings deal for 75% off was only available for 24 hours, not 4 days as previously advertised, and this deal ended on Tuesday. We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For the full range of deals make sure to check out the website yourself! You may even be able to use our voucher too.*

Can't recommend XCOM enough. Truly brilliant game.

*Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers.

New to GMG: All the Packs

A late edition of the regular New to GMG post! This is just a selection of the many titles that have gone live in the last week.  Remember you can always see what else has arrived by checking out the What's New page.

*These titles not available in China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea or Taiwan.
**Resident Evil 6 not available in Japan.

And today's reference is on Game of Thrones (quick note, Patrician IV is no longer on sale) :


State of Playfire - February 18th 2013

Competition Winners
Congratulations to the following users who have won £100 (or equivalent amount depending on regions) worth of game credit! We’ll be contacting you by Playfire PM shortly.
ChronoJoe (PSN)
IAreDoofus (GMG Credit)
Bloodycrow (GMG Credit)
HappyBiscuit (PS3)
BloodY_EnV (360)
Alpha Signup
After spending some time testing internally with the help of some of our moderators, we are very nearly at the point where want to the roll the client out to a larger group of users to help us test the Xbox tracking service before full release.
If you want to help, you’ll need to have a Windows Vista / 7 / 8 computer and an active Xbox account! If that’s you, please drop me a PM telling us your operating system, and the last time your Xbox games tracked for you. We’ll pick a bunch of users to get access and we’ll be prioritising active members of the community. You should also be happy to have the client log some really basic information about your PC for debugging reasons.
Changes to the Playfire Moderation Team
We’ve recently added Greeneye to our moderation team on Playfire last week. We’ve also increased our team of game admins, with both Kazduin and DSP21 joining the ranks.  Welcome guys!
Community News
After many frustrating attempts of trying to make the community news look as nice on the blog as it does on the forum, I’ve accepted defeat - for now. 
Unfortunately the blog isn’t designed to do anything very visual and we want them to be nice to read, so we are looking into replacing the blogging software with something a bit classier in the near future. Until then I’ll just congratulate our member of the month, Grishrak, and point you all towardsthis thread by the wonderful ADay.

Mega Max Payne 3 Valentine's Deal

Glorious slow motion bearded shooter Max Payne 3 is now available at GMG for up to 75% off if you pick it up with the Season Pass, or 66% off the standalone game.

If you already have the Steam version of the game, you can also pick up the Rockstar Pass by itself.

I’ve been trying to think of some sort romantic link here, but Max Payne is not a game known for its romance. If you’ve not got a partner, or if you’ve got a partner but would rather not have to hang out with them for very long, why not grab Max Payne 3 instead?

This deal ends on Saturday at 5PM GMT so pick it up fast!

This version of the game registers and activates on Steam. Please note that due to regional restrictions we can’t offer this game in Germany.

- Rob
James is having a day off in Nando's

New 20% Voucher

I heard you were looking for a voucher. 

You found it.


This is a brand new voucher that works on hundreds of PC digital titles across the Green Man Gaming store, giving you a delightful 20% off the listed price! Bear in mind there are some restrictions on its usage*


*Valid until 1700 GMT March 15th. This voucher cannot be used in conjuntion with any other available vouchers.  This voucher excludes physical products and other select PC digital titles.

Desert Island Competition

We've had a lot of fun, and the four free game giveaways are all done now. There's just one very important question left in this joint Playfire & Green Man Gaming event:

What game you would play if you were trapped on a desert island and could only play one game for the rest of your life?

After the competition time ends we'll be choosing FIVE winners who will each receive up to £100 of games this week, via either Microsoft Points, Playstation Network Points, or Green Man Gaming credit, depending on your choice.

We've already received a lot of entries with some really great choices, though I'm not sure how well any MMO / Multiplayer games would work on a desert island. Who knows if you'd even have the Internet? We're probably assuming you've at least got some kind of hydro-powered setup going on though, cause you've been stranded for a while, so electricity is there.

Just make sure to get your entry in before 1159 GMT February 15th!

Put the lime in the coconut

Free Game: Superstar V8 Next Challenge

Superstar V8 Next Challenge is today's featured free game, and the final one in our weekend event! If you're looking for more information you should read our Grand Playfire & Green Man Gaming Giveaway post.

Want to know the tl;dr version of how to get this racing title? Create a GMG account, create a Playfire account. Link them. Get free stuff.

Free Game: Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg is today's featured free game. Want to find out about our whole weekend event? Read our Grand Playfire & Green Man Gaming Giveaway post.

Want to know the tl;dr version? Create a GMG account, create a Playfire account. Link them. Get free stuff.

Free Game: Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade is today's featured free game. Want to find out about our whole weekend event? Read our Grand Playfire & Green Man Gaming Giveaway post.

Want to know the tl;dr version? Create a GMG account, create a Playfire account. Link them. Get free stuff.

(Please note that due to contract restrictions we're not able to sell this title in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Guernsey and Japan. Unfortunately this means that users from those regions will not be able to get this free game).

25% off selected titles this weekend

Want 25% off some great games? Hell yeah you do!


Don't forget about the free games this weekend!

*While the voucher is not valid on selected titles in North America, in place of this North American users can get some incredible deals on GMG Credit and Cashback for select titles. Regional restrictions apply on certain titles, in order for us to hold up contractual obligations. This voucher will expire at 1800 GMT February 12th.

Free Game: Zombies.

Zombies is today's featured free game. Want to find out about our whole weekend event? Read our Grand Playfire & Green Man Gaming Giveaway post.

Want to know the tl;dr version? Create a GMG account, create a Playfire account. Link them. Get free Zombies by "purchasing" it from the GMG site!

New to GMG: Dead Pixels, Nancy Drew & More

New to our store this week is an interesting array of titles. And if anyone had an ambition to be a pirate floating viciously in the sky, now is your chance.

Definitely a good week for those Nancy Drew fans.


My Life as a Sky Pirate

AirBuccaneers is a delightfully simple game about being a pirate, with your choice between Buccaneer or Viking, being in a hot air balloon and firing cannons and other dangerous things at the other team.  Obviously there's more to it than that in terms of tactics and weapon variety, but there's your nutshell.

Available tools include the ability to fire airmines (little floating balloons that create a massive explosion when an enemy ship hits it), changing the cannon firing modes to either a lot of smaller spiral rockets that I'm not entirely sure about what they do, and the glorious flamethrower method. Get the ship in close enough and let them BURN! You can also steal enemy ships too by killing off the crew.

Some nights ago Rob (Wayward), Arun (harenzo) and myself (Beardy) took to the skies for aerial warfare and general shenanigans. And after a while of being terrible we actually started to get the hang of the blimps.

Our performance at through one game...
And much better at the end of another...

If there's one thing this game definitely promotes it is teamwork. There's a number of very useful voice macros you can hit to say which way to go and where enemies are whenever you're manning the helm of a ship, on the guns or just holding up a telescope, but to make the most of the experience you'll want to grab some friends and head onto a voice server to coordinate flight and cannon-fire.

Melee fighting is the only weak point of the game that I've found, with it being difficult to tell how much damage you're really doing to the enemy. However the points that matter more, i.e. the ship-to-ship combat and overall flight mechanics are excellent. It's not quite perfect, but certainly a gem of a game that's come a very long way in it's development!

For any cloud-faring pirates, I've picked up a few tips from my own play session with Arun and Rob that might be worth sharing:
  • You'll never really control the speed of a ship, since wind direction plays it's part in this. Wind direction is shown by the way that flags on the ship blow. Though I never noticed this myself while playing.
  • If you're at the helm, keep an eye on your height level on the top right. There's a little bar which if you go too high, will send the ship plummeting down. (The tl;dr is don't always hold W)
  • Stealing enemy ships is hilarious because they seem to not always notice you. I think this is probably because most people look at the balloon colours instead of the crew.
Rob's advice:
Arun's advice:
  • If you're playing as support make sure you don't get too focused on one area. Move around the ship and help everywhere for faster XP.
  • Watch for enemies boarding early and spot ships with the telescope (But don't spam because it gets annoying.

So what'll it be? Viking or Buccaneer?

Stay tuned on our Twitter account today for keys we'll be giving away for AirBuccaneers!

Dirigible Daredevil Extraordinaire

The Grand Playfire & GMG Giveaway

Over this weekend we'll be giving away FOUR completely free PC download games just to members of Playfire and Green Man Gaming.

What do you need to do? You only need to have a GMG account (and because you're a cool frood you already do), a Playfire account (where you'll be able to track your games!) and then to follow this very quick step to link those accounts!

The free game giveaway extravaganza begins at 1200 GMT Friday, with each free game being available to purchase for 24 hours, and yours to keep!
An isometric rampage through the deep, dark, dungeons of bureaucracy. Smash, shoot and burn your way through an infested world of office Zombies. Available from 1200 GMT Friday 8th for 24 hours, completely FREE!

Ninja Blade is set within modern day Tokyo, where parasites known as alpha-worms have mysteriously appeared. Sounds pretty gross but you should probably go save those people! You are a ninja after all. Ninja Blade is available from 1200 GMT Saturday 9th for 24 hours, FREE!  (Please note that we're not able to sell this title in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Guernsey and Japan. Unfortunately this means that users from those regions will not be able to get this free game).

Unstoppable Gorg challenges you to defend the solar system from fearsome aliens by sending satellites into orbit. Unlike other tower defense games, in Unstoppable Gorg you can move your towers by rotating the orbits that surround planets, moons and space stations. You can pick up Unstoppable Gorg as he stops for a brief moment and becomes FREE for 24 hours from 1200 GMT Sunday 10th.

Milestone brings the emotion of the 4 wheels to a track-based racing game where the players will have the chance to prove their skill against 18 opponents determined to get to the top position. No room for mistakes. Dive into Superstars V8 Next Challenge as it goes FREE for 24 hours from 1200 GMT Monday 11th.

We'll also be ending the giveaway sequence with a competition for XBL or PSN points (winner's preference), so console gamers still stand to gain from entering!

My recommendation? Sign up for Playfire and link your accounts now before the crunch hits with the freebies!

If you need any assistance or get stuck somewhere, please direct all queries to the Green Man Gaming support team, by logging into your GMG account and clicking on Support.

So. Much. Free.

EA Deals All Week

Super important: EA products are not available globally from Green Man Gaming at this time. As such you might not be able to purchase these products. EA products are not available outside of North America and Europe on GMG.

We've got deals from EA all week, with up to 75% off renowned franchises, whether it's for FPS fans, RTS or Simulation there's something for everyone. These deals will last until 1600 GMT February 8th.
Just click the right image for your region:


State of Playfire - February 4th 2013

Hi everybody! We’ve got a very exciting February coming up, including free games for all Playfire users, and more news on the client. Read onwards, friends!
Game Giveaway
We’ll be giving away FOUR full, free PC games this weekend exclusively to members of Playfire and Green Man Gaming. The only thing you’ll need to do is register a free account on the Green Man Gaming website and then link your GMG and Playfire accounts.
The giveaway starts this Friday with indie action game Zombies, with other titles such as Ninja BladeSuperstars V8 Next Challenge and tower defence title Unstoppable Gorg following over the weekend.
This isn’t a competition - everyone who wants a copy of each of these games will be able to pick them up for free, with each game running for 24 hours at a time.
While we can’t offer everyone a free 360 or PS3 game right now, we are going to be ending the giveaway with a competition for XBL / PSN points so if you don’t have a computer, there will be still be something available for you. Several of the free games are very low in system requirements and should run on laptops and older computers, too!
More on this later in the week on the blog, in the meantime you can sign up to GMG in advanceright here, and link your accounts in the settings tab on Playfire, or on this page. We'll have more info later in the week.
Playfire Client
We’ve got some very exciting stuff coming to Playfire in February, including the launch of the Alpha client. We’re now very close to releasing a build of the client, which I’ve been playing with this week in the office, which is why my Xbox 360 “account” now entirely consists of Virtual Tennis 3 and UFC 2010, which took us an embarrassingly long time to get an achievement in…
We’ve got a few tweaks we want to make before it’s ready to go, but tracking is working great and currently updating every ten minutes, which is a huge step forward. The client is being designed so you can keep it running quietly in the background, or just boot it up to update whenever you want.
I’ll hopefully grab the very latest build this week and we’ll run through the way it works via the medium of YouTube to give everyone an idea of how it works. We’ll then be sending out early test copies to get some feedback and test how it works on a range of different systems and Xbox accounts. We’ll be sending it out to everyone very soon after that.
If you didn’t already see the earlier post detailing the client and some of the more obvious questions, check it out below.
Community News
The Community News thread will be appearing on the blog for the first time this month! Aday has, as usual, written up some awesomeness that normally sits only on the forum, but we’re going to bring it to the whole site instead next week as a regular monthly feature, look out for it at the end of the game giveaway.