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One that many of you have been waiting patiently for...

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Deals of the Week: Dark Souls, Hard Reset & more

Deals available this week on Green Man Gaming include some well known and loved (and perhaps also hated in the case of Dark Souls on account of how fricking difficult it is... No I haven't completed it.)

The following deals are available until 1600 GMT February 1st.

Don't forget our 20% voucher, either. Time has almost run out! Just add it to the basket and use it before 1600 GMT January 31st:


Was prepared to die. With dignity. Died.

User Review of the Week: F.E.A.R.

Our third user review of the week already? How time flies!

This week ButLeer gains credit for their review of F.E.A.R.

That little girl? She's totally harmle- MY EYES ARE MELTING!

One of the best single-player shooters, even to this day. What has aged in textures and models, F.E.A.R. more than makes up for in immersion and gameplay.

To this day, few games can boast an equally impressive enemy AI.

Your enemies will adapt and plan ahead, so to be able to win or even survive you will have to do the same.

Luckily you are given many tools to work with. Guns and grenades are always useful, but each weapon manages to be unique and memorable. You can slow time and and move with incredible speed and precision. You physical attacks can put down even the fiercest enemy in a few blows, with attacks ranging from flying kicks to sliding tackles.

The mood through out the game is chilling, especially during dark night with all the lights turned off. But soon you will be lost in the moment as you fight off an army of super soldiers like a modern god of war.

Also, the little girl is not a harmless OR as dangerous as she seems. Play the game and find out who she really is.

Want to write your own review? Just find the game on our site, and scroll to the bottom of the game's page and start writing! Bear in mind reviews are checked manually so there may be some time before (and even if) it goes live.

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Choose your bargain: Mortal Kombat Kollection

UPDATE 1034 GMT January 27th: Paradox Interactive offers will end at 1600 GMT January 27th
TGIF, time for more deals!

For the weekend, right up until 1600 GMT January 28th these games and many more will be on sale, up to 75% off:
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Leaving you with Alan. Quiet, static Alan.

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New to GMG: January 25th

Somewhat late this week but it can't have escaped your notice that alongside the release of Devil May Cry, The Cave, and others, a number of new games hit the shelves:
Apply GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK when in the basket, to save 20% off the price. This voucher will expire at 1600 GMT January 31st.


DMC: Devil May Cry 74mb download

UPDATE 0946 GMT: Capcom have been in touch with us and informed us that the issue is resolved.

To download and install DMC, follow these instructions:

1. Launch Steam and log in.
2. Find 'DmC Devil May Cry' in your games library and delete local content, where possible.
3. Exit Steam.
4. Relaunch Steam and login, and then double click on DmC Devil May Cry to begin your 8Gb download.

Hi all,

As many of you will now be aware, there is an issue with the DMC: Devil May Cry keys. Many retailers, Green Man Gaming included among them, have received keys that do not allow users to correctly download and install the game.

We're in contact with Capcom to see a resolution to this issue and trust that you will all be able to download and install your game soon.


Delve into The Cave

It's time to select your trio of adventurers to explore the hidden depths of The Cave, where you'll find at least one amusement park (to take time off from that busy adventuring business) and a nuclear warhead.  Pure whimsy in cave form from Double Fine Studios!

You can order it now from Green Man Gaming ready to play on release.  Better yet, you can get 20% off with our voucher:

An important note: The Cave's release has been delayed. SEGA have informed us that the game will be ready "later today or early tomorrow morning."


*Voucher expires at 1600 GMT January 31st.

DMC: Devil May Cry Keys

From 1600 GMT January 23rd (so... today), we will begin distribution of keys for DMC: Devil May Cry, in advance of the release date. That way when the game unlocks on Steam, you'll be ready.

Those who have pre-purchased will receive two keys: One for the game and another for the pre-purchase costume DLC.

When activating these keys on Steam, they may register as Valvetestapp. This is nothing to worry about, and you will be able to find DMC: Devil May Cry listed in your Games Library.

Capcom have informed us that at present, there will be no pre-load for this title.


Save Earth: Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero has landed, and it's down to you to save the planet.

Saviours come in more readily, too, with 20% off when they use our 20% voucher*:


Engage intelligent enemy fighters and take on colossal capital ships, exploiting weak points in their super-structure to blow them apart. Upgrade your ships and customize your weapon load-outs to tailor combat to your tastes. Take advantage of four unique craft, including the Strike Suit, to experience dogfighting action as you’ve never seen it before.

There will also be a chosen few. Ten men or women who can step up to the plate and take them on without taking any hull damage to their bank accounts. Who are they? All we know is they definitely clicked these two buttons:

But we won't know who for 24 hours (Check your DMs in a day if you enter to check if you won)! We'll update this post later to say when winners have been picked.

Winners for this have now been selected! Congratulations to all of them.

If you just can't wait, check out Strike Suit Zero on the Green Man Gaming store!


*Voucher expires at 1600 GMT January 31st.

Daily SEGA Bundles

Hey guys,

We have two massive (and massively discounted!) daily bundle deals from SEGA lined up. Each one lasts for 24 hours, and in a special twist, you can use our 20% voucher*!


Today's Sonic Bundle, finishing at 1600 GMT January 23rd, includes all of these great games for 75% off:

Sonic Generations, Sonic SEGA All Stars Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Not interested in a bundle? Check out individual titles here

Tomorrow's Retro Bundle, which will start at 1600 GMT January 23rd and last 24 hours, includes all of these games for 75% off:

Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS into DREAMS, SEGA Bass Fishing, Space Channel 5 Part 2, Crazy Taxi, SEGA Megadrive Collection Series 1-5

Friday, 25th January, has 24-hour deals on other SEGA titles:

Gotta go at a reasonable pace so as not to break speed limits!

*Valid until 1600 GMT January 31st

User Review of the Week: FIFA 13

We're starting up a new regular feature on the blog this year. Each week we'll look through the last 7 days submissions and choose the best review written by you guys that gets published on our site, then share it here for the world to see.

What's in it for you? Well if your review gets chosen you'll receive an extra helping of credit to your account. Whether that's $5, €5 or £5 depends on your account's currency.

Our second winner for this piece is Narazumo, with his thoughts on FIFA 13:

An Excellent Game of Football

Having played my fair share of previous Fifa titles and many of the bevy of imitators and legitimate competitors (looking at you PES) for console, I would think I have a fair knowledge of what a football game should offer. 

This game offers it all. While providing players with all of the major football leagues in Europe, along with some of the minor European leagues, and providing some from the Americas and Asia. You will never really find yourself unable to locate a team to represent.

The graphics are solid, not gorgeous, but they are pretty tight nonetheless, ie: many players look like their real life counterparts, good resolution will allow you to make out names on jerseys from afar and even the stadiums themselves are highly recognizable. 

The gameplay has improved from previous iterations. The physics has been reworked a tad so you can avoid some of the more hilarious collisions and frustrating ones as well. The AI has improved for the most part and will better make runs, play balls into space, and generally have a favorable offensive buildup and defensive coordination. The Referees will also make better calls and more fair calls; fewer phantom red cards, and fewer penalties given away.

Online is the same as always. Plagued by latency issues I would recommend NOT playing outside of your region unless you have a great internet connection and an above average machine. The online leagues are great for playing your buddies and seeing who is truly the best fake footballer.

Overall this game is worth the modest $40 and with a discount voucher it is an even better deal at times. If you are hesitant at playing a sports title with a mouse and keyboard, the game features full support for a compatible XBOX 360 controller, though I am unsure about the support for third party hardware.

Want to write your own review? Just find the game on our site, and scroll to the bottom of the game's page and start writing! Bear in mind reviews are checked manually so there may be some time before (and even if) it goes live.

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The One True Ring 66% off

All of the following deals are valid now until 1600 GMT January 21st, and can make use of our 20% voucher*...


We now also have a 30% voucher available for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Use GMG30-ALIEN-SDEAL to Xeno more pain to your wallet! This code will expire at 1600 GMT 25th January.

Other deals are also available this weekend so check out the homepage and have a browse!


*The 20% voucher and 25% voucher have now been extended until 1600 GMT January 31st. Regional restrictions may apply on certain titles.

New to GMG: January 16th

A new Wednesday means a new New to GMG post! Filled with all manner of things that are new!

Apply GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK when in the basket, and rest easy in the knowledge that your wallet is saved even on new titles. Or if its a pre-purchase you might be able to use our 25% voucher.


Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt begins

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is now available from Green Man Gaming.  Available to buy individually or as part of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass. Make sure you use our 20% voucher too, available until 31st January 1600 GMT:


The third campaign add-on for Borderlands 2, players will enter an uncharted territory deep in the swamps of Pandora where a massive Hyperion ship has crashed. The wreckage is rumored to have stockpiles of loot. But watch out, mutated creatures, and armies of savages also have an interest in the ship. As ferocious and primal as they may seem, the mysterious Professor Nakayama claims to be their diabolical leader, and he’s calling all the shots.

Swampy adventure awaits, Vault Hunters!

Maliwan Spokesman

Crusader Kings II: Republic Keys

UPDATE 15/01/2012 1710 GMT: We've taken another big batch of orders and while we work on getting keys we'll be taking the game off sale until every current buyer receives a key.


We've had an amazing amount of demand for this DLC and we apologise that we have run out of keys for this title only a few hours after setting the game live.

We've put the game back on sale this morning, but please note keys haven't been injected into the system yet, so if you buy the game now you will not receive a key immediately. We aim to have all keys delivered in 24 hours.

We've done this to give everyone a chance to buy the DLC at an excellent discount using our voucher: GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK - all purchases will be honoured and you'll be able to contact CS at any time for a full refund if you don't want to wait!

- Rob

GMG Hyper Indie and Retro Mega Deals!

We’ve got some awesome deals on indie and retro games on GMG this week, running from today until Friday from popular studios like Fatshark and Deadelic and lovely retro publisher, Plug In Digital.

You can find all the deals on the Hot Deals page right now, but here are some of the games I think you should totally pick up right now.

50% Off Medieval Behead’Em’Up Chivalry. I personally spent a few hours following James around in this game. He’d be jumping around and stabbing people like Jet Li and I’m just wondering around getting stabbed in the face like the fat kid in Game of Thrones, but that's probably just me. 

Krater Collector’s Edition for £2.99 / $3.79 - I first played this at Eurogamer and it’s a very nice little ARPG with a great art style.

Little Big Adventure £1.25 / $1.25 - I first got this game when I was about 13. I had a job mowing lawns and painting fences and I totally blew everybody off to play this game constantly for like 5 days. It is one of the most underrated action / adventure titles of all time and totally worth the price of a Cheeseburger. Oh, and it has talking elephants.

Deponia £4.00 / $5.00 - Point and Clicky games are all the rage these days, and Deponia is one of the most attractive and well animated examples of the genre around. It's also got very good voice acting!

Check out the rest of the titles right here!

User Review of the Week: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

We're starting up a new regular feature on the blog this year. Each week we'll look through the last 7 days submissions and choose the best review written by you guys that gets published on our site, then share it here for the world to see.

What's in it for you? Well if your review gets chosen you'll receive an extra helping of credit to your account. Whether that's $5, €5 or £5 depends on your account's currency.

Our inaugural review is by CrimsonWizard (now $5 richer!) on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

Why Would a Mad Scientist Need to Gamble?

After the first Sonic's success, Sega quickly capitalized on his popularity and crafted Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  It's a classic platformer that introduced several new locations to the series such as Casino Night Zone, and gave Sonic a steadfast ally in Tails, who also allowed for co-operative play.

Graphically the game looks a bit nicer than it's predecessor with an updated look for Sonic and some sharper sprites for you and the enemies.  They also do a fantastic job of painting the backdrop of all the new locales Sonic is forced to run through such as Chemical Plant Zone which managed to bring a lot of color to a place that's basically a factory level.

Gameplay is relatively the same, run around to the end of the level, collect rings to protect yourself, and get to the special stages (now in goal posts) to get the Chaos Emeralds.  Though with the addition of Tails, you can have another (basically invincible) character run around to help you collect rings or fight the enemies.  You'll likely want another person's help too since without it, Tails has an AI that is prone to temporary suicide and little help to you during the Special Stages.  The most important part about the game though is speed which the game accomplishes even better than the first title.  Along with the ability to stop and spin to quickly roll, Sonic's pace is improved, allowing you to zip through a stage if you feel like it (or wish to speed run).

Honestly, there isn't much more to say.  The music is really good with some especially memorable tracks in Chemical Plant Zone and the Final Boss tune, it offers more environments to play through than the first game, and the final boss feels like a legitimate threat rather than just Dr. Robotnik dipping up and down in a piston machine.  The ability for two players on the same screen was a great way to include more on the fun, and you still have everything that made the original a good game.  StH2 is well worth a play-through if you enjoy platforming games, and holds up well against it's modern competition.

Can't wait to see future reviews that come in! This is a real good look a classic in a much-loved franchise.

Want to write your own review? Just find the game on our site, and scroll to the bottom of the game's page and start writing! Bear in mind reviews are checked manually so there may be some time before (and even if) it goes live.

Now $5 poorer.

20% off almost anything you want

Our 20% voucher has been extended until 1600 GMT January 18th. Just use GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK for extra savings on loads of games at GMG!

You can even use it on our lined up weekend deals too, such as Party of Sin, the recently released 4 player co-op puzzle platformer (redeems on Steam)

The following deals are all running until 1600 GMT January 14th:
Happy weekend!


25% prepurchase voucher

One to make your weekend brighter! We've got a 25% off voucher available** on selected pre-purchase games at Green Man Gaming, until 1600 GMT January 31st. Just use this...

On ANY of these...

Cashback is also available on ALL of those pre-purchase titles above except The Cave, Rush Bros, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

Desires the 4-player campaign co-op in Aliens. SO BAD.

*Regional restrictions apply as usual on EA titles. Voucher not available in North America. GMG Credit and Cash Back still applies. 
**The voucher will expire at 1600 GMT January 31st. This can't be used in conjunction with any other vouchers.
*** As some titles are released during the valid period of this voucher, games may be removed from the 25% voucher.


If there's one thing that really bugs me about the whole agenda of "video games are bad" from certain groups, it's the headlines used. Under today's spotlight is The Mirror (a UK tabloid) for it's most recent headline, which I noticed reported by the thoroughly brilliant MCV:


I personally take exception with computers and games being specifically taken for the purpose of an attention grabbing (and somewhat misleading) headline. You can read the Mirror's article here, but it basically rambles along for a while saying playing games means looking at screens lots and that means you're sitting and that's bad and you'll get cancer! I don't argue that sitting around not doing a lot is hardly going to do wonders for your health, but it's not as though the computer or the games are to blame.

It's only towards the end when we hear from Prof. Stuart Biddle, sedentary behaviour expert from Loughborough University, that it comes to any rational conclusion: that basically being sat down for a long time is bad. Whether that's in a class room, an office or if you're forever alone and sat in a dark room looking at the floor, it's not healthy. Nevermind the fact that board games, card games or other forms of entertainment mean you're sat on your butt.

The article doesn't even consider the impact of games using motion tracking that actually encourage activity because they could be active for far longer than 30 minutes, but still looking at a screen. Admittedly there might be a lesser appeal because using a controller allows for a lot more immersion in my own opinion, but that's just one way in which technology and, the culprit of the article, "screens" can be used to combat sedentary habits. The computer "craze" as they put it (noted rightly by Ben on MCV as not being a craze anymore) has one of the best shots of improving health, really. For example, Darren, our Marketing Director, tells us his daughter was playing Just Dance 4 for 2 hours solid. That's hardly sedentary.

If it were down to just videogames and I am in danger of cancer, then so is this little bastard:

Please, media, stop using games as a poster child for society's ills.

Sat down and mildly perturbed because of it.

Keep Us Covered #3: Your Choice

Update (10th January) : Thanks for your votes everyone - Valentin's screenshot is victorious and will now take it's place on our page!

It's time to make your choice again - this is our third Cover competition and we've been getting better and better entries each time. If you're interesting in seeing all the entries for this one click here.
  1. Matt in some Fowl Play with Hitman.
  2. Aeclipse comes into contact with what I can only assume is the Cheshire Cat on his worst day.
  3. Knux in a winning replay.
  4. A truly nightmarish vision from Valentin.
  5. Marin's squad dropping into the hot zone.
  6. Rasetsunio captures a glorious moment with a dragon.
Vote for your favourite with a simple comment below!

On Wednesday we'll take the one you've voted for most and put it onto Facebook. Limited glory is almost in the grasp of one of these six gamers!

I like dragons.

GMG Favourites of 2012 - Mitch

Mitch shares his GOTY with us this week:

The Final Fantasy series means a lot to me. I think it perfectly encompasses what a game should be, it does a spectacular job of placing you in to another world unlike our own, it encourages tact and gives you a reason to care for the characters. As with all Final Fantasy titles, it's extremely long and there's enough time to fully flesh out the characters and explain their backstory.

If you hadn't guessed yet, my game of the year is Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know that this doesn't make the top five of many game of the year lists, but it's one of the games that captivated me to the point that I stayed awake until roughly 6AM to defeat the final bosses. I lost. So I attempted it again!
The gameplay, though simple at first, encourages you to use different paradigms (classes) in different situations to maximise your power and defence, something you'll need to master against specific creatures.

The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful, spanning roughly 80 tracks capable of spurring emotion and successfully enhancing dramatic scenes in a way that many games fail to.

As many people know, especially those on Playfire, I love Lightning as a character but luckily, Serah and Noel were more than interesting enough to fill in her shoes as main character, even if Lightning is coming back in to the spotlight in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Whilst Final Fantasy isn't without its flaws, it's what I enjoyed the most this year and it always gives me a reason to revisit it, whether it's due to the DLC, paradox endings or secret battles.

Check out what else We're Playing.

What's your GOTY for 2012?

20% off for New Year

Hey guys,

How are you finding 2013 so far? Sadly no big game releases yet but we're coming up on some big ones. Get ready with our 20% voucher:


This will be especially good news for some, because we've seen more Sine Mora - now back in stock at Green Man Gaming and still available for a few more days at 75% off!

Plus we have some GMG Credit and Cashback offers you can use the voucher with, such as...
Rush Bros
Order Rush Bros and get £2, €2 or $2 credit.

Aliens Colonial Marines
Pre-purchase Aliens and get £2, €2 or $3 credit.

Check out more GMG Credit and Cashback offers here.


*Voucher is valid on hundreds of digital PC titles. Some titles may be excluded. Voucher expires at 1200 GMT 11th January 2013.

Keep Us Covered #3

It's been too long since we had the last one of these. So it's time for another!

Our last winner was Matt B with his Skyrim shot, suitably filled with snow for Christmas:
We've had it up for quite a while now, and because we're sure you've had some time this holiday to get in some solid gaming sessions, we want you to show off those screenshots!

Just post a link to your screenshot(s) in this blog post and after the weekend we'll take a look at them all and make a shortlist for a community vote.

Has nothing but screenshots of Chivalry leader boards. And one guy with an axe in the head.

Community GOTY for 2012: The Final Vote

The final results are in! The top ten hasn't changed much from the sneak peek I took last year (a whole year ago, how peculiar!), but Sleeping Dogs jumped in. We've also included the next most popular to bring us up to an even 20. I'm quite happy that FTL and Chivalry are in there. Great games, truly brilliant.

These are all because of YOU:

20. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
19. Spec Ops: The Line
18. Planetside 2
17. FTL: Faster Than Light
16. Batman: Arkham City

15. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
14. Journey
13. Torchlight II
12. Max Payne 3 (Down from 10th)
11. Mass Effect 3

10. Assassin's Creed III (Down from 8th)
9. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
8. Hitman Absolution (Down from 7th)
7. Sleeping Dogs (New Top Ten Entry)
6. Guild Wars 2

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
4. Far Cry 3 (Down from 3rd)
3. Dishonored (Up from 4th)
2. The Walking Dead
1. Borderlands 2

We don't need to say anything about Borderlands 2 apart from this...
So... do you agree?

Vote Counter in Service of His Royal Extraterrestrialness

State of Playfire - January 2nd 2013

Hi all, hope you had a great new year. We're really excited about 2013 and we'd like to give you an update and a sneaky peaky at what we've got coming up. Enjoy...
Game Tracking
We’re proud to introduce the Playfire Client! We’ll be sending the client out to moderators and selected community members in the first weeks of 2013 and it should be available to rest of the community shortly after. This is a fairly big change for Playfire, so read on to learn more!
What does the client do?
Right now, game tracking is slow and doesn’t always pick everything up for all users. The main reason for this is the growing size of Playfire - we’ve got so much data to pick up that we hit caps on the amount we can pull, and then things end up in queue. The client uses your own computer to talk directly to all your gaming networks and report back to Playfire, which means it can update your gaming information in seconds.
Right now we’ve been focusing on Xbox 360 tracking, and the client can read, track and update your Playfire account every 5 minutes with up-to-date information on your games and achievements. PS3 and Steam tracking will follow very shortly after.
Why did you choose a client?
We did a lot of thinking before choosing to use a client to supplement game tracking. We decided the client was the easiest way to get tracking working incredibly fast and accurately rather than spending many more months attempting web based workarounds.
Will I be required to use it for tracking to work?
No - there are no plans to turn off regular Playfire tracking. The great thing about the client is that the more people using it, the faster tracking becomes for everybody. We’ll still be updating the web-based side of things, which will become faster as more people download and use the client.
What systems will it work on?
The client is designed to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After we get the Windows version where we want it, we’ll consider making versions for other operating systems and even mobile if there is a demand.
Is it going to take up a lot of space / system resources?
We’re very aware that people don’t like installing more on their computers than they need to, so the Playfire client has been designed take up as little space and memory as possible. We have no plans to add features to the client unless they are something we couldn’t do using the main website.
And finally, some (rather large) Screenshots…

GMG Account Linking
Some users may have already noticed that the Buzz page notifications and the settings page have a link to link your accounts with Green Man Gaming. Over 2013 Playfire and GMG will be growing closer together in some ways, and the first part of that is offering users the ability to link their accounts across both services. To do so, simply click here and enter your GMG and Playfire details and your accounts will be permanently linked.
Over the next few months will be doing some very exciting stuff across both sites, so stay tuned!

New to GMG: January 2nd

A whole new year and a whole load of new games all at once. Here's the roundup of what's gone live in the last couple of weeks:

If you want to see what else has appeared since that glorious thing called Christmas, check out our What's New page.

Party of Beard