Want more GMG Credit? Join Playfire Rewards BETA

Welcome, gamers, to the Playfire Rewards BETA!

What are Playfire Rewards? 
Well, what it means for you savvy gamers is pretty significant. In a nutshell, play games and unlock achievements on your Steam account to earn GMG Credit that you can spend on even more games.

Getting started is easy
If you already have a GMG account, you only need to sign into Playfire and then click on "Sign in through Steam".

Not got a Green Man Gaming account?
Not a problem, sign up here. Seriously, you'll save money on games.

Play games, earn rewards!
Once this is done, check out the extensive list of current rewards on the Playfire blog - new rewards and added every day!

There's a couple of points to bear in mind, because this is a BETA after all:
  • All of the Playfire Rewards Credit is provided in GBP (£), but everyone is eligible to try it out. GMG Credit earned will be converted based on a daily rate. Other currencies to come soon.
  • Playfire Rewards can take between 12 - 24 hours to appear on Playfire. Learn more.
  • The BETA won't count any eligible achievements you already have - only new ones you gain. We always try to include Playfire Rewards for new releases so you never miss out!
  • It's a BETA so there may be bugs, if you spot one, please let us know!

We'll keep you updated on new developments with our Playfire Rewards BETA. This is just the start, so imagine how far this could go - rewards for playing a minimum amount of hours in a game, rewards for totally completing a game, there are so many possible awesome things happening! We're also looking at the possibility of introducing platforms like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the future - stay tuned for all the latest!


The Playfire Team