Registration for free Golden Joysticks game resumed!

Hi folks,

We can now announce that we're accepting new registrants on our free game form at, for those who submit their votes for this year's Golden Joystick Awards at CVG.

We'd paused registration a few days ago, in order to ensure people would get their free game who had registered for it, because we were running low on the free keys - we've given away hundreds of thousands of each game! However, we now have hundreds of thousands more so we can resume this very limited offer for a little bit longer!

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If you're getting any errors around the free game giveaway please see our support articles and contact our support team if you need: Remember though you'll need to wait a minimum of 24 hours after submitting your votes to CVG before you can claim a free game.

We've said it before but to reiterate - this is a while stocks last offer! We've gotten more this time but that's it! There'll be no more after this!