Multi Buy Offer Starts at GMG

Multi Buy is now available on Green Man Gaming. Over the next week you'll be able to purchase a ton of games at discounted prices, with the option to take advantage of either the 2-game or 3-game offer.

How does Multi Buy work?

Simply add the number of games from the offer page needed to get the discount and the discount is worked out in the basket for you! It really is that easy!

So if you wanted to explore a post-apocalyptic world extensively, you could pick up both Fallout 3: GOTY and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition in one easy move. Or if you're more interested in puzzles you could grab Deponia and Chaos on Deponia for the same deal! That way you'll be nicely prepared for the final part of the series coming out later this month.

*Regional restrictions apply as usual. This offer is valid until 1600 UTC October 11th 2013. This offer may be subject to change. I've started listening to the Regular Features podcast. Unfortunately it makes me look like a crazy person on the train, sniggering away to myself.