Win an Atari Flashback 4

UPDATE 18th JULY 1433 UTC:: This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Steve with his winning entry! We hope you enjoy the console!

"I would have to pick my childhood favorites which are Kirby and Mega man. Both Kirby and Mega man are both able to absorb the powers of their enemies. Kirby absorbing mobs and Mega man absorbing the abilities of bosses that one defeats. Now can you imagine being able to absorb ANY ability? The possibilities are endless! Not to mention giving Mega man the ability to fly without limitation involving his dog Rush (mobility and length)."


Also, making Mega man pink would appeal to both genders. Considering Mega man was most popular in the 1990s and during this time girl gamers were a rarity compared to now I believe making Mega man pink would lure in more female gamers into the Mega man crowd. Lets face it real men don't like pink, no matter what anyone says!"
Competition time folks! We've got an Atari Flashback 4 console up for grabs. It's such a simple competition we've got going too - simply tell us what would be the best Retro Duo of video game characters and why they'd work well together against their enemies.

Maybe it'll be something like a headcrab and Donkey Kong. Because nothing would be able to stop that slow-marching machine of muscle. It'd be like a really slow fuzzy version of The Hulk and smash enemies into nothing... with barrels. Or perhaps something even further removed, like Link (a la Ocarina of Time) and a Pong paddle, so he could spring off it and launch into oncoming fiends at high velocity.

The main rules for character duo submissions is that the characters have to have been around at or pre-2000 (just so we can slap an arbitrary definition for "What is Retro?" on it) and why they would work well together.

Get your entries in before 1100 UTC Thursday July 18th if you want to have a chance for the draw on the console!