Staff Picks: The Journey Down and Duke Nukem II

Even though we offer games on amazing deals we know there's a fair few people that still make a choice between just a few of them. If you're lost for what games to narrow it down to, we've got some suggestions this weekend. Starting with an adventure game and a classic side-scrolling shoot-em-up, George and myself talk about why you should consider these titles from the whole offering of The Indie Weekend!


James: The reason I'm supporting The Journey Down as a serious consideration is that it's a charming story (or rather the first part of it), with a very unique visual style. Like any adventure or point-and-click game I ended up cheating a little by searching for a guide, and surely the more I play of adventure games the more I'll be able to logic, right?

George: A noble reason indeed, I on the other hand have chosen Duke Nukem II because it is undoubtedly the game of my childhood. Though I was young, I still remember the cutting edge graphics and the creepy monster hands reaching out through the jail bars on the first level (I did have nightmares about this for a few years afterwards)!

James: I'm not so sure Duke Nukem should've been played by children. Though who of us didn't play games we weren't "properly aged" for?

George: Looking back at it, I probably shouldn't have been playing it at the age of 4. However it's actually the one game that has stuck with me for my entire life (so far!). That said, I think Journey down looks incredibly frightening.

James: Initially I was a bit freaked out by the character models in Journey Down too.  The lack of eyes is immediately obvious - but once you see the characters coming through in the story you stop noticing it as a weird thing, and it just becomes part of the integral charm of the game.  Besides you can't see the Duke's eyes anyway, right?

George: That's because he's too cool to remove his blood spattered sun glasses. Though if I remember you can see his little pixel eyes.

James: I'll admit I never played the Duke games. They were slightly before my time and I never really played retro games all that much (everything kept being new and exciting). Of course being 4 is also a bit early for it I'd imagine but hey, it hasn't made you a psychopath! Lot of fuss over nothing all that media coverage of games being evil. How does DN2 hold up against modern day shoot-em-ups?

George: I think being so young I didn't really understand the game - it was just monsters and bright colours on the screen (admittedly I don't think i got much farther than level 2). As far as comparing it to modern day shoot-em-ups? I think the only game that would come close to Duke Nukem II would be Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. The bright colours, ridiculous enemies - the retro 80's and (in Dukes case) 90's themes.

James: I just think if someone is going to buy something they should go for an up-to-date experience. The Journey Down offers that, and has the promise of more in store with future chapters!

George: I disagree, as you mentioned - you haven't played Duke Nukem as it was 'before your time' and I think it is something everyone should experience. You're not a proper gamer till you've played the Duke Nukem series.


Despite being a perfectly functioning member of society George immediately flew into a rage screaming "NUKEM!" over and over attacking team members. He's okay now though and we're all having ice creams.

So there's just two of our personal recommendations for this weekend. Don't forget to check out the full list of indie offerings because there's a LOT of good stuff!