Progress update - July 3rd

Hi - sorry about this evening - we had a significant hardware failure while running at 20 times the traffic of our normal average for this time of year.  This hardware failure stopped you from getting to the deals, and that's the hardest thing for us to take.  Our supplier was excellent, though, at working with us and getting replacement hardware deployed as soon as possible.

So what have we changed?
Firstly, the sale continues - we are determined to bring you the best deals on the market in our sale. That's what we're about - it's what we want and need to do for you.

Secondly, we have cancelled the other free game giveaways we were going to run - we'll look at doing these at some point after the sale, so it doesn't stop those wanting the deals - we know a lot of you want free games, but we've had a lot of feedback that recommends we put back the free games so you can pick up the titles you've been waiting for a discount on, and this is exactly what we're going to do.  We don't want to jeopardise our relationship with you all.  So, from now, any free game giveaways in this current sale are cancelled. Period.

Finally, I'd hope we're a lot more humble - we've had some problems and you've stuck with us.  We've been in business for just over 3 years and we're selling globally - and you are part of that. We might not get it right every time but, make no mistake, we are all about getting great games to you.

Keep talking to us - good, bad or indifferent, it will make us better.

James, George, Darren and the rest of the GMG Team