Playfire Vulcan Update

Well, well, well... what's going on here, then?

It looks like our savvy team of engineers has been putting in the extra hours and have managed to pump out yet another update for the Playfire Vulcan beta client before the week is over. At this rate we're getting roughly two patches deployed a week, so we're eager to keep this up.

All wrapped up in a neat digital bow, contains the following changes:

  • Resolved a threading issue to improve PSN game data gathering.
  • Addressed an issue where a small number of users experienced error messages regarding inconsistent gamertags.
  • Optimised Playfire Vulcan so that it now closes faster when the user exits the client.
  • The Playfire username and Playfire Vulcan version number are now included in the log files.
  • The Playfire Vulcan version number is now displayed in the application title bar.
In the last patch we investigated an issue where Vulcan was incorrectly reporting that your gamertag on and in Vulcan weren't matching up. The good news is we fixed this for you - woo hoo! The bad news is we didn't fix it for everyone - boo! So, we put on our deerstalker hats, grabbed our pipes, and started digging deeper for clues into the truth behind what was really going on. Well I didn't, I'm definitely the Watson to their Sherlock - I can't read the Matrix like our tech-buffs.

So where does that leave us? We'll we've made some more changes which we're pretty confident have addressed the issue, but as our army of formidable beta testers we're relying on you to come back and let us know if it has, as well as any other bugs, issues, or improvements you might want to mention - you can do that in this thread.

As always your continued support is invaluable! With your consistent stream of feedback week-on-week we've been to make steady progress with no indications of slowing down, so give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Muchas Gracias.

Ben (radMonkey), Joncol and the Playfire Team