Playfire Vulcan Update

Greetings fellow testers!

Our team of caffeine-fuelled engineers have been going through the last batch of feedback you sent us and have packaged up a new version for you in double-time. Playfire Vulcan release notes are as follows:
  • Playfire Vulcan now disables Steam data gathering when players click ‘no thanks’ on the Steam Guard prompt.
  • Playfire Vulcan now disables Xbox Live data gathering when players cancel the 2-step authentication.
  • Users can no longer click the ‘save’ button multiple times during the testing stage of authenticating their linked accounts.
  • Playfire Vulcan no longer prompts the user multiple times with the same pop-up message.
There are a few other issues that are currently in our crosshairs, so you'll be pleased to know that these are never far from our mind. Common known issues include:
  • Account Linking - Playfire Vulcan will report that the account information you've linked in the client is different from when there are discrepancies with the text casing.
  • PSN Trophies - there are few instances where trophies are listed twice.
Lastly, some of you informed us that Playfire Vulcan incorrectly reported that your linked account details were wrong. We're pretty certain we've uncovered the root of the problem, so if you had this issue after upgrading to, please let us know whether it's still happening for you.

Before I sign off I'd like to thank you for your continued support in helping us test and improve Playfire Vulcan. It may be bit of a rough ride being part of the front line in our beta testing army, but we couldn't do it without you. As always if you discover any issues or have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below, in the feedback thread, or report your bugs here


Ben (radMonkey), Joncol and the Playfire Team