Playfire Vulcan Update

Hey guys,

Our crack-team of coders have been hard at work and the latest version of Vulcan,, is now available. It includes the following changes, which improve the communication between Playfire and the client, as well as small changes to the overall UI experience.

- Vulcan now recognizes inconsistencies with details between Playfire and Vulcan. Can fix automatically for user within the Vulcan client

- 2-step authentication for Xbox Live now supported on Vulcan

- Vulcan no longer requires restart after multiple failed log in attempts

- Vulcan installer has been updated. Extra measures now taken to ensure install is successful.

- Minor UI changes implemented on setup

- Network accounts screen completely redesigned

Thanks to all of you who've been trying out Vulcan and helping us continue to test and improve it. Vulcan has been built for you, so we really value your feedback. If you like it, let us know! If you find any bugs or you've got some cool ideas you could think could work with Vulcan, let us know that stuff as well!