Playfire Q&A with Criterion Games

Hey guys,

As many of you will know, we've arranged a follow up Playfire Q&A session, this time with Dom Ireland, the Senior Lead QA at Criterion Games.

Criterion are one of the most revered racing studios in the industry, responsible for delivering top quality triple-A vehicular carnage across pretty much every gaming platform. From the burnt rubber madness of the Burnout series to the new and rebooted Need for Speed games, of which Criterion has developed two - the wonderful Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and last year's cops'n'robbers chase Need for Speed Most Wanted - Criterion know their cars inside-out, upside-down and back to front.

As a top quality triple-A developer, we wanted to give you the opportunity to be able to ask your questions, particularly about QA as a career in games and what the role entails. QA is often an entry point for most people in the games industry, so this is a great chance to ask your questions and get the answers you're curious about.

Needless to say, Dom has done a stellar job of answering our questions. It's an insightful read into what it's like being in QA in such a great studio, how to get to that stage, and the processes involved within a games development team.

On the responsibility of being Senior Lead QA for a studio as big as Criterion, he said "The worst days are usually when I’m submitting the final game to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo. It’s not unusual to still be in the office at 3am on a Friday night, after several weeks of late nights, making sure everything critical is acceptable and that the game is okay to go."

To read the full Q&A click here. 

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