New addition to the Playfire team

Well hi there; I’m the new guy!

My name is Ben and I’m the lucky sod who’s been tasked with overseeing Playfire. What does that mean? A lot of good things really – you guys are a really cool community and the site has some neat features, but there’s so much more good stuff we could give you. My job will be to lead the development of Playfire, both as a service and as a gaming community. But don’t worry; I’m not here to rip features out or to shove new features you don’t want, down your throat - Green Man Gaming would never let it happen.

Nope, in fact GMG have got a number of changes going on behind the scenes, quite a lot of them you’ll have heard about before, and it’ll be my job to oversee those, make sure they fall in line with what you want from Playfire, and make sure we get feedback from you on these ideas. But most importantly my job is to make sure we all have a cool place where we can hang out and talk about games.

Of course this is not something I can do on my own. The talented Joncol - who you already know and who has quite simply been doing a stellar job so far - will be supporting me in this epic quest.

So, you’ll be glad to know I do a fair bit of gaming – it’d be a bit weird if I didn’t – and I’ve been working in the games industry for a few years now. I’ve been posted at a number of outposts, including Sega, Realtime Worlds (I worked on the ill fated All Points Bulletin), Codemasters, and most recently I was the Community Manager at Square Enix. In my spare time I enjoy long walks along the beach where I debate philosophical issues like what would the world look like if we had Half-life 3?

I’ll be popping on the forums a fair bit, but you can nearly always find me chatting nonsense on twitter. You can follow me at @benbateman where I’ll be talking mostly about games, but also a ridiculous amount of tweets about rock climbing – you’ve been warned.

Oh and one last thing, I’m short on Playfire friends so make sure you add me and I'll add you back.