Indie Spotlight Shines On

Another week of daily indie deals to be had, each deal lasts 24 hours and comes with it's own unique banner I made all by myself, completely free, in this blog post!

Age of Fear The Undead King is 75% off for 24 hours from Monday 1500 UTC!

Creavures is 75% off for 24 hours from Tuesday 1500 UTC!

Grimind is 50% off for 24 hours from Wednesday 1500 UTC!

Asguard is 75% off for 24 hours from Thursday 1500 UTC!

Hypersonic 4 is 50% off for 24 hours from Friday 1500 UTC!

GMG Trivia: Al "shot his bolt" today. It sounds rude but apparently it's not. It's an actual phrase. Never heard it before in my life. Still sounds rude though.