Greenmaningrad: Fifth Manoeuvre

Commander, see the reports of the last manoeuvre here.


The order is given, within moments your second squad is lined up, just out of cover with the Panzerschrecks ready. The cacophony of explosions as each unit fires on the lower level of the town hall rings through your ears. The debris settles. Upon closer inspection you rest assured you have dispatched the commanding officers of the stationed enemy forces.

As the platoon celebrates the liberating of Greenmaningrad from the hands of the enemy, a lone soldier scales the side of the town hall. Raising the flag of the Soviet Union proudly atop the town hall, Greenmaningrad is ours once again.

Down to your use of guerilla tactics in urban combat, as well as the support provided with a quick radio call-in, the victory belongs to the Red Army today.

The damage done to the town hall will take it’s toll in the rebuilding efforts. Until such time as we can repair the hall the church will become the base of operations. Convoys are already en route to re-supply neighbouring towns under our control. You will remain stationed here for some days more until Greenmaningrad is reinforced.


The fight for Greenmaningrad is over, but the war is only about to start. Green Man Gaming takes you to the Eastern Front with Company of Heroes 2.