GMG introduces UK Trade-in

  This year’s E3 show was proof that you are still hugely passionate about retaining the freedom to trade your games, buy pre-owned and continue to own your games as you always have.

With PS4 and Xbox One literally just around the corner the next generation sprint is ramping up, and Green Man Gaming is now offering you the opportunity to trade in your games for instant GMG Credit. This instant GMG Credit can be used to purchase any game on the site – digital download or physical boxed products – there and then in one transaction.

You even have the ability to place a deposit on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, using the GMG trade-in credit locked in your old games - so ease the strain on that wallet and guarantee yourself a place at the next-gen table. What’s more, when you pre-order the PS4 or Xbox One from GMG you will get a voucher for £20 off a Next Gen game so you will have a great discount to use at launch.

Unlike other services, GMG Trade-in is immediate. You’re able to instantly purchase games with the GMG Credit you have earned trading in your loot. Posting your games to us is even simpler, just ship them off to the provided address – free postage for trade-ins over £15 and use a free Collect+ drop off service if your trade-ins are over £50 - and get straight into playing the latest games while we sort out the rest.

But that’s not all! To celebrate the launch of GMG’s new Trade-in service, we’re giving all customers a bonus £2 credit on each game they trade in, which will be credited to your account once your games have been received. Pretty sweet, huh?!

The GMG Trade-in service is exclusive and only available to the UK to begin with, but other markets will be rolled out and announced in due course. We’re excited to continue bringing you brilliant game services – this means you can buy a great game at a fantastic price, track your gameplay free on Playfire and then trade it in for your next gaming adventure.

Out with the old and in with the new? We think so.

Want an example of how it might work?

E.g. Trade in The Last of Us for £23, get £2 additional GMG Credit. Use this to pre-order a PS4 and get £20 off your first PS4 game