Q&A Session with Arcen Games! Chris Park answers your questions about Indie game development

Hey everyone,

We arranged a Q&A with Chris Park, founder of Arcen Games. In case you don’t know, Arcen is a great indie studio that developed A Valley Without Wind, Skyward Collapse and a handful of other great indie games, some of which you’ll find over on Green Man Gaming.

Most importantly, we didn’t want to take away the opportunity for you guys to get inside the mind of an indie developer, so instead of putting forward our own questions, we asked for yours (thanks for those, by the way). 

His answers are brilliant to say the least, and the interview is a great read, so a huge thanks to Chris for answering in such detail.  He makes some really interesting points when talking about his experiences in games.

A lot of people were curious about what it’s like to work in the games industry, making your own games and the process of developing a game. Chris’ answers can put those to rest with his imparted knowledge!

We’ve got an excerpt from the interview below. You can find links to Arcen’s games below, too.
You don’t need funding to have a great idea.  Nor do you need funding to develop something in your off-hours as a hobby.  If it’s not worth it to a potential indie as a hobby, then probably game development isn’t for them; game development is a lot of work, and if they don’t love the process then the industry will chew them up pretty hard.”