Project Vulcan Update

Hey guys,

Vulcan has been updated to version It includes the following updates:

* Company service information on Vulcan changed from UUMC Ltd to Playfire Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Man Gaming Ltd).

* Users now have the ability to start-up Vulcan minimised.

* Vulcan will now boot at PC start-up by selecting the option in the Settings screen.

* Maximum log-file size now capped and managed.

UPDATE 20/05 - The PSN test is now at full capacity and we no longer require more volunteers. Thanks to all those that volunteered!

Please also note that we are looking for volunteers to participate in our Vulcan PSN game tracking beta test.

If you have a PlayStation with an active PSN account and you'd like to take part in the test, please contact me on Playfire (reach me click here) by dropping me a PM stating your PSN name and the operating system your PC is running.