Keep Us Covered #4: Your Choice

UPDATE May 1st: Took a bit longer to get to this! The indisputable winner is #3! You'll be able to see this image uploaded to both Facebook and Google+!

We've taken all the screenshots you gave us and made them into a shortlist. A big thanks to everyone who submitted theirs!  Here's the final six:

1. Havenissen - A Kerbal takes some careful steps on the Mun

2. J.Wind - Welcome to Columbia

3. Midhras - Farewell to Earth in Fallout 3

4. SmileyBarry - Things always seem to break apart around this "Max" fellow.

5. Stebsis - So much fight in Strike Suit Zero.

6. Twicefivemiles - Ezio ignores health warnings, stares directly into Sun.

To vote for which one you think should be our next Facebook Cover Photo just drop a comment on this blog post and tell us which you think is best. It's up to you guys now! At the end of the week we'll count it up and put it into action!