Dead Island: Riptide Pre-Purchase

Everyone who has pre-purchased Dead Island: Riptide will receive, via your registered account's email address, a single-use voucher to allow a 100% off purchase of Risen (which is redeemable on Steam).

In addition to this you will also receive the Dead Island: Riptide Survivor Pack DLC, providing a BBQ Blade, an XP / Stats booster, and a special shop!

When do I get all these totally badass keys and bonus vouchers?

You'll receive an email containing your single-use voucher for Risen by the end of next week (don't worry if you see some people getting theirs before you!). Importantly, when you use this voucher ensure you are logged in to your GMG account.

Please note that Dead Island: Riptide keys and Survivor Pack DLC keys will not be available until the release date.

I already pre-purchased before you offered GMG Credit, do I get credit?

No, the GMG Credit and Cash Back are only available at the time of your order as a bonus.

Bear in mind if you've already ordered you will likely have used a voucher to discount the price, and that if you were to get a refund so you could get GMG Credit you would not be able to use a voucher on the order. No vouchers are currently redeemable against Dead Island: Riptide and will not be for the duration of the GMG Credit and Cash Back offer.

Update 1236 GMT+1 April 19th: GMG Credit and Cash Back is no longer available for pre-purchases of Dead Island: Riptide.

Update 1727 GMT+1 April 22nd: The offer available for prepurchase of Riptide has changed. For details please see this blog post: