Dead Island: Riptide Pre-Purchase Bonuses

This is an update on the pre-purchase offer available for Dead Island: Riptide available from Green Man Gaming.

We are removing Risen from the pre-purchase offer.  Everyone who pre-purchases will still receive Dead Island: Riptide and the Survivor Pack DLC.

Instead, in order to continue offering the best deal possible, we will be allowing voucher usage on Dead Island: Riptide with our 20% voucher available.

How does this affect me?

All orders from this point (1620 UTC April 22nd) will not receive a voucher for Risen. If you have already received a voucher for Risen you can still use it until the expiry date attached to it (visible in your order confirmation email with the voucher).

If you pre-purchased when Risen was a bonus, but no vouchers were used in your order, and no GMG Credit or Cash Back was available (i.e., you paid full price for Riptide), if you contact us via our support site our support team will provide your account with some GMG Credit.