Your Top 10 Indie Games

We received more than 4,000 responses in our competition to win 10 indie games, where we sat back and had you guys tell us what the best indie games were. Don't worry, we're well aware it's an extremely difficult question and many of you did tell us that. There's just so many indie games out there and so many that would be worthy of mentions. However if we did that it wouldn't be a top ten!

There were over 300 different indie titles receiving votes for Best Indie Game, and about 4,000 submissions in total!

10. To The Moon
Despite the head to head on it against Chivalry, a bunch of us in the office adore this game. It doesn't need anything more said except it's the most emotionally engaging experience you will ever find in a game.
9. Hotline Miami
I'll be honest I've not played this one yet. I know, I know. Chastise me if you must. It received so many votes though that I'll certainly have to upgrade the priority in my pile of shame!

8. Terraria
"Has this big eye boss." -Rob

7. Limbo
Most people would get through it within a few hours, but the time it takes shouldn't deter anyone from it. Unless you're just really, really terrified of spiders.

6. Braid
Rob said this is a really good game, but he couldn't finish it because it made his brain "warm." I can see how, taking steps back in time isn't typical for a platformer but then that's what made Braid unique.

5. FTL - Faster Than Light
FTL is an incredible game. The roguelike made for every sci-fi fan, with an easy-to-learn curve on gameplay, but a sequence of levels that get increasingly harder mean actually completing it on the (so-called!) Normal difficulty will be a challenge requiring a lot of ingenuity and a fair helping of luck.
4. Super Meat Boy
There's no need to repeat ourselves. We had a post discussing the merits of Dustforce and Super Meat Boy!

3. Binding of Isaac
I've enjoyed Binding of Isaac, though I always felt a bit lost in terms of what items actually did. Maybe that was the point: to feel lost. Either way I just used everything I came across. The loose story, and introduction, behind it is an interesting hook into it, and something I've not personally seen much of in most games. I've not yet gotten to the end though.

2. Bastion
Kid saw his fame get him far up the list. He smiled.

1. Minecraft
Well, that was pretty obvious really, wasn't it?
I bet there's a ton of you guys who want to know who won the prizes already. Well here they are:

We've already contacted the winners, and they are (along with their votes):
Moty (Binding of Isaac), Kerim (Mark of the Ninja), Marivan (Braid), Frank (Dungeons of Dredmor), Ricardo (Bastion), Erik, (Binding of Isaac), Jacob (Super Meat Boy), Sakarias (Magicka), Mike (Hotline Miami) and Bence (Trine).

Congratulations to you all and thanks to everyone who entered. We hope to have another big giveaway soon!

Not-quite-GMG Trivia: Did you see that Supergiant Games are working on their next title? It's called Transistor