Weekend Deals: Borderlands Abound

Hey folks,

We've got deals on everything to do with Borderlands 2 as well as a ton of SEGA deals this weekend! That's in addition to our very popular BioShock Infinite deals!

Make sure you don't forget about our 20% voucher. It's valid on hundreds of titles* across the GMG Store!

Borderlands 2 Deals are all available until 1700 GMT March 24th

You can see them here.

SEGA Deals are all available until 1700 GMT March 25th, and all 75% off!

There's too many to list, really! So check here for the rest.

Have a great weekend!

GMG Trivia: One of our trading team, Al, is trying to put game names into song lyrics. So far he's got "We built SimCity on rock'n'roll" and "Fly me To The Moon" ... I never said they were good.

*Please note that some titles will be excluded from vouchers, multiple vouchers cannot be used in conjunction, and that vouchers do not work on bundles.