Tomb Raider Releases Soon

Tomb Raider's release is coming up, with just days remaining until we can all play it!  Since we have to wait a little longer, check out this Reborn trailer:

If you want to know more I'd suggest checking out some of the reviews. The one up on Digital Spy provides a good look at the new game, and having read it, just makes me more impatient for release.

Also, keys for Tomb Raider will be sent out over the next few hours to those who have pre-purchased from Green Man Gaming. Each user will receive 3 keys, one for Tomb Raider, another for the Pistol Burst Upgrade, and a third for the Animal Instinct Skill Upgrade.

So, are you excited?

GMG Trivia: Our 20% voucher was recently extended until 1700 GMT March 8th