State of Playfire - March 6th 2013

Playfire Client in Closed Alpha
Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to volunteer to help test the client. We’ve had over 400 requests to help, so unfortunately we couldn’t accept or reply to everyone, but all requests have been read and considered. Those who have been accepted into the Closed Alpha have already received a PM and are currently helping us test the client.
The last step before opening up the Alpha to everyone is to set up a proper support and help system for users - the feedback box doesn’t really cut it for this! Once that’s ready and we’ve fixed some of the bugs from the closed Alpha, the client will be available to all users.
Changes to Login System
In the next month Playfire will be changing our login system. What this means for users is that when you login to the site, we’ll be asking for the email you used to register, rather than your Playfire username. This is a simple change and users do not need to do anything to prepare. Your email address will not be displayed to other users, and you can change it at any time from your settings page. We will not require emails to be validated. When we’re closer to the time of the changeover, I’ll post another blog post about this, but now might be a good time to check your account and see what email account you used to sign up!
GMG Forums join Playfire
Green Man Gaming has been running its own forum for several years. We’ve decided to move those over to the Playfire discussion area instead of running two separate forums, which is a bit confusing for users. There’s a new tab for GMG store discussion on Playfire now, though we’ve made sure that threads posted in that area won’t show in the general discussion tab, so that store questions don’t get in the way of conversations!
- Wayward & the Playfire team