Playfire Vulcan Client Update

We’ve had a great response since launching the Playfire Vulcan client earlier this month, and we’ve already rolled out a patch since launch and made several fixes to the service on our end to fix some of the major issues people have been experiencing with tracking.

If you haven't downloaded Vulcan yet, you can grab it here. All future updates are being made through the client itself, so you'll only need to download it once.

It’s great to see Xbox user accounts flying through our update system and users receiving profiles that are totally up-to-date. While we’re continuing to work on bugs and UI features, our biggest task is getting Steam and PlayStation tracking live as soon as possible.

We’re currently testing a version of Vulcan that can track Steam titles, and we’re hoping to roll this out to everyone by the middle of next week - you’ll be able to update from directly within the client! PlayStation Network will be following very shortly after, most of the team have already been moved over to work on that.

We’ll also be updating our Terms & Conditions next week to accommodate the client, and update our community rules.

In the meantime, a quick reminder that you can find out information about using the client and help us log problems and errors using our support area. We’ve already identified several issues and are working to fix them thanks to you guys sending in reports!

- Wayward & The Playfire Team