BioShock Infinite keys - important information

UPDATE 1420 GMT March 24th:

Hi everyone,

BioShock Infinite, XCOM/Free Games and Industrial Revolution Keys
The final keys are in the process of being sent out, meaning they should be with you shortly. Please remember to check your inbox for the email containing the keys, as before – please ensure that the GMG emails have not ended up in your spam folder!

Keys and Games pages
These pages have now been made available once again. Please remember your keys have been emailed to you, so check your emails if you are unable to access the keys page.

We really appreciate how patient you have been throughout the weekend and hope you enjoy BioShock Infinite.


UPDATE 0104 GMT March 24th:

Hi everyone,

BioShock Infinite Keys
We are in the process of sending out more BioShock Infinite Keys. These will be going out over the next 24 hours, so please check your inbox over this time for the email - also please ensure that the GMG emails are not filtered into your spam folder.

XCOM and Industrial Revolution Keys
These keys are going out with your BioShock Infinite keys (provided you haven’t already received them), if you have failed to receive one or both of these keys please submit a support ticket here

We really appreciate your patience, and we will of course keep you updated with any further developments. We hope you enjoy BioShock Infinite when it launches on Tuesday

- George & Darren


UPDATE 1704 GMT March 23rd:

Hi everyone,

The site is currently down as many of you have spotted, following instability through the night.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer popularity of the BioShock Infinite offer we are experiencing technical issues. This has resulted in the site being temporarily unavailable.  Please rest assured that our tech team is working hard to address the issue so that we can resume our standard service. We appreciate this is not ideal as many of you are hoping to preload BioShock Infinite for launch, but please bear with us, we want you to be able preload BioShock Infinite just as much as you want to.

Where is my BioShock Infinite key?
We are working hard to get your keys out to you soon, and you will receive your key in time for release.

Why can’t I access my keys page?
With regards to the ‘keys’ and ‘games’ sections in the account page – please refer to the following blog post. We know this is an unusual measure to take but we hope you understand we are doing this to ensure we can get keys to you by the release of BioShock Infinite.

I prepurchased ages ago, why are others getting their keys before me?
We fully understand that this is seen as unfair by a number of users, and we are taking your feedback on board. While we can't immediately change this (as it would require substantial work), we are aware of the demand for it and thank those for providing us with that feedback. We wouldn't be here without you or the support we receive from you, so we do genuinely want your say on the site.

Why doesn’t the 20% voucher code work?
Since this morning, a new 20% voucher code has been created GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD this voucher is valid until 4pm GMT 28/03/2013.

Again we sincerely apologise for the issues experienced this weekend. We are working hard to correct them across all of Green Man Gaming and hope to have them resolved soon.

-James & George


Hey everyone - we've got some important information about BioShock Infinite keys.

Our automated system is currently sending out BioShock Infinite keys - we were only able to start sending keys when the pre-load opened.  The game launches on Tuesday so we will have the keys with you in good time to pre-load and start playing.

Due to high sales on this title we have taken some steps to speed things up. Most notably we have taken down the Keys and Game History section of the Account temporarily.  Many people were hitting this area looking for their key since the pre-load was announced and this was severely impacting the actual sending of keys.  There is no need to access this section of your Account as you will receive an email with your key.  Sorry about this, but it will help.

Once keys have been despatched we will bring these sections back.