A whole new blog!

Both GMG and Playfire users may notice some changes to the blog today.

Rather than running two separate blogs, we’ve decided to combine both blogs onto the Playfire site. This brings a lot of advantages to Playfire, allowing us to have blogs that can easily use images and videos, add community authors, and filter and categorise different posts.

Blog posts will continue to be made by myself, but I would also like to introduce Playfire to the GMG community manager, James, who will posting on the GMG side of things! You’ll find him on the forums as Radaeron.

For Playfire users, this means GMG deals and information will be presented on this blog - however, we won’t be using the notification system for these posts or for community posts, so you won’t be spammed by the extra blog posts coming through.

It also means that, for now, you won’t be able to comment on the blog using your Playfire username, as the system isn’t quite as tied into the site. You can however comment with any Google account you may have.

For GMG users, the blog will continue as normal, albeit with an updated design!

We’ll still be sending out notifications for Playfire news, including the State of Playfire blog posts and Vulcan updates.

- Wayward,  Radaeron & The Playfire Team