User Review of the Week: Mass Effect 3

User Review of the Week: Mass Effect 3

A full month of User Reviews finished! We're seeing better and better submissions coming in, too. Let's take to a game of great controversy with this review of Mass Effect 3, by Stebsis.

A worthy ending... to some degree

Ok, everyone already knows the ending in ME3 is bad, and it really is even with the added stuff in the free DLC. It just contradicts everything ME is about, but enough about it. The game itself is a worthy entry to a great action RPG series, not quite on par with ME2 though. ME3 definitely isn't a game where you want to start the ME series even though the developers have said you can catch on just fine. Well, maybe you can, but the emotional bonds that you carry over all the way from the first game are what make this game so worthwile even when considering the ending. You just will not get the same feeling with just ME3. There are some really emotional moments, and even though you can choose what Shepard does and how his story unfolds, you're not in control of the other characters and their destinies, and they make some emotional and heartbreaking decisions and it feels if you've been with them the whole time.

There are some amazing set pieces, particularly the Krogan home planet where a Thresher Maw attacks a Reaper, it's just epic and awe inspiring. The first moments of the game as Reapers arrive to Earth are are also just epic, almost no game has ever done it at the scale ME3 has, and the final moments at the ruins of Earth are unforgettably awesome.

It's just a shame that the choices you make don't really seem to have any meaning, you at least don't visibly see the results from the people and races you saved or destroyed.

Combat has been improved from ME2 and skill system has been made a bit deeper, though not nearly as deep as in ME1. There are various new enemies with different tactics, like a brute that rushes towards you. They're challenging foes on higher difficulties and you have to really strategise at some battles.

Graphically the game is superb, the setpieces of crumbling Earth, deserts of Tuchanka, moon of a Turian homeworld that Reapers have conquered and you see the planet in the sky. Everything is so big and epic.

ME3's problems come with the story, characters and lack of choices, and they're what made ME2 such a masterpiece. If you've played previous ME games, don't let the bad ending throw you off from this. ME3 is worthy all the way and who knows, you might love the ending more than most.

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