State of Playfire - February 4th 2013

Hi everybody! We’ve got a very exciting February coming up, including free games for all Playfire users, and more news on the client. Read onwards, friends!
Game Giveaway
We’ll be giving away FOUR full, free PC games this weekend exclusively to members of Playfire and Green Man Gaming. The only thing you’ll need to do is register a free account on the Green Man Gaming website and then link your GMG and Playfire accounts.
The giveaway starts this Friday with indie action game Zombies, with other titles such as Ninja BladeSuperstars V8 Next Challenge and tower defence title Unstoppable Gorg following over the weekend.
This isn’t a competition - everyone who wants a copy of each of these games will be able to pick them up for free, with each game running for 24 hours at a time.
While we can’t offer everyone a free 360 or PS3 game right now, we are going to be ending the giveaway with a competition for XBL / PSN points so if you don’t have a computer, there will be still be something available for you. Several of the free games are very low in system requirements and should run on laptops and older computers, too!
More on this later in the week on the blog, in the meantime you can sign up to GMG in advanceright here, and link your accounts in the settings tab on Playfire, or on this page. We'll have more info later in the week.
Playfire Client
We’ve got some very exciting stuff coming to Playfire in February, including the launch of the Alpha client. We’re now very close to releasing a build of the client, which I’ve been playing with this week in the office, which is why my Xbox 360 “account” now entirely consists of Virtual Tennis 3 and UFC 2010, which took us an embarrassingly long time to get an achievement in…
We’ve got a few tweaks we want to make before it’s ready to go, but tracking is working great and currently updating every ten minutes, which is a huge step forward. The client is being designed so you can keep it running quietly in the background, or just boot it up to update whenever you want.
I’ll hopefully grab the very latest build this week and we’ll run through the way it works via the medium of YouTube to give everyone an idea of how it works. We’ll then be sending out early test copies to get some feedback and test how it works on a range of different systems and Xbox accounts. We’ll be sending it out to everyone very soon after that.
If you didn’t already see the earlier post detailing the client and some of the more obvious questions, check it out below.
Community News
The Community News thread will be appearing on the blog for the first time this month! Aday has, as usual, written up some awesomeness that normally sits only on the forum, but we’re going to bring it to the whole site instead next week as a regular monthly feature, look out for it at the end of the game giveaway.