MCV Finalist 2013 - Green Man Gaming for Digital Retailer

You know what's a great way for us to kick off our year? No, not 90% off everything to that guy in the back. A great way is by being nominated for an MCV Award in their 2013 event!

For those who might not know, when you were reading our old blog (I love this new one, don't you?), we were nominated in 2012 for Digital Distribution Team but lost out to Bethesda. It's okay though, we forgive them because they brought us Skyrim. (And we've brought you 20% off Dragonborn til 1600 GMT today, 4 hours left)

We're up again this year for Digital Retailer. We've only been around for 3 years now so to be nominated for an award twice in two years is an incredible achievement.

The award ceremony won't be until 18th April but we'll keep our fingers crossed for as long as it takes.

Typing this with one hand and crossed fingers was difficult.