BioShock Infinite Pre-Purchase Bonus

Pre-purchase BioShock Infinite from Green Man Gaming after the 21st February and you'll receive the original BioShock completely free, and one other game from the following list of your choice*. To get the bonus games you'll need to buy one of the available bundles that give you the free games: one for BioShock and one that you can use on one bonus title.
This is super important: Just make sure you order it from the Bundles page!

What?! I already pre-purchased BioShock Infinite from you!

We're going to be backdating this offer to include everyone who has pre-purchased so far. You will receive an email with two account-bound vouchers. One voucher to purchase BioShock (if you don't already have it), and a voucher for your choice of bonus game from the list of 5 above.*

*Regional restrictions still apply for certain titles.