State of Playfire - January 2nd 2013

Hi all, hope you had a great new year. We're really excited about 2013 and we'd like to give you an update and a sneaky peaky at what we've got coming up. Enjoy...
Game Tracking
We’re proud to introduce the Playfire Client! We’ll be sending the client out to moderators and selected community members in the first weeks of 2013 and it should be available to rest of the community shortly after. This is a fairly big change for Playfire, so read on to learn more!
What does the client do?
Right now, game tracking is slow and doesn’t always pick everything up for all users. The main reason for this is the growing size of Playfire - we’ve got so much data to pick up that we hit caps on the amount we can pull, and then things end up in queue. The client uses your own computer to talk directly to all your gaming networks and report back to Playfire, which means it can update your gaming information in seconds.
Right now we’ve been focusing on Xbox 360 tracking, and the client can read, track and update your Playfire account every 5 minutes with up-to-date information on your games and achievements. PS3 and Steam tracking will follow very shortly after.
Why did you choose a client?
We did a lot of thinking before choosing to use a client to supplement game tracking. We decided the client was the easiest way to get tracking working incredibly fast and accurately rather than spending many more months attempting web based workarounds.
Will I be required to use it for tracking to work?
No - there are no plans to turn off regular Playfire tracking. The great thing about the client is that the more people using it, the faster tracking becomes for everybody. We’ll still be updating the web-based side of things, which will become faster as more people download and use the client.
What systems will it work on?
The client is designed to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After we get the Windows version where we want it, we’ll consider making versions for other operating systems and even mobile if there is a demand.
Is it going to take up a lot of space / system resources?
We’re very aware that people don’t like installing more on their computers than they need to, so the Playfire client has been designed take up as little space and memory as possible. We have no plans to add features to the client unless they are something we couldn’t do using the main website.
And finally, some (rather large) Screenshots…

GMG Account Linking
Some users may have already noticed that the Buzz page notifications and the settings page have a link to link your accounts with Green Man Gaming. Over 2013 Playfire and GMG will be growing closer together in some ways, and the first part of that is offering users the ability to link their accounts across both services. To do so, simply click here and enter your GMG and Playfire details and your accounts will be permanently linked.
Over the next few months will be doing some very exciting stuff across both sites, so stay tuned!