Keep Us Covered #3: Your Choice

Update (10th January) : Thanks for your votes everyone - Valentin's screenshot is victorious and will now take it's place on our page!

It's time to make your choice again - this is our third Cover competition and we've been getting better and better entries each time. If you're interesting in seeing all the entries for this one click here.
  1. Matt in some Fowl Play with Hitman.
  2. Aeclipse comes into contact with what I can only assume is the Cheshire Cat on his worst day.
  3. Knux in a winning replay.
  4. A truly nightmarish vision from Valentin.
  5. Marin's squad dropping into the hot zone.
  6. Rasetsunio captures a glorious moment with a dragon.
Vote for your favourite with a simple comment below!

On Wednesday we'll take the one you've voted for most and put it onto Facebook. Limited glory is almost in the grasp of one of these six gamers!

I like dragons.