GMG Hyper Indie and Retro Mega Deals!

We’ve got some awesome deals on indie and retro games on GMG this week, running from today until Friday from popular studios like Fatshark and Deadelic and lovely retro publisher, Plug In Digital.

You can find all the deals on the Hot Deals page right now, but here are some of the games I think you should totally pick up right now.

50% Off Medieval Behead’Em’Up Chivalry. I personally spent a few hours following James around in this game. He’d be jumping around and stabbing people like Jet Li and I’m just wondering around getting stabbed in the face like the fat kid in Game of Thrones, but that's probably just me. 

Krater Collector’s Edition for £2.99 / $3.79 - I first played this at Eurogamer and it’s a very nice little ARPG with a great art style.

Little Big Adventure £1.25 / $1.25 - I first got this game when I was about 13. I had a job mowing lawns and painting fences and I totally blew everybody off to play this game constantly for like 5 days. It is one of the most underrated action / adventure titles of all time and totally worth the price of a Cheeseburger. Oh, and it has talking elephants.

Deponia £4.00 / $5.00 - Point and Clicky games are all the rage these days, and Deponia is one of the most attractive and well animated examples of the genre around. It's also got very good voice acting!

Check out the rest of the titles right here!