GMG Favourites of 2012 - Mitch

Mitch shares his GOTY with us this week:

The Final Fantasy series means a lot to me. I think it perfectly encompasses what a game should be, it does a spectacular job of placing you in to another world unlike our own, it encourages tact and gives you a reason to care for the characters. As with all Final Fantasy titles, it's extremely long and there's enough time to fully flesh out the characters and explain their backstory.

If you hadn't guessed yet, my game of the year is Final Fantasy XIII-2. I know that this doesn't make the top five of many game of the year lists, but it's one of the games that captivated me to the point that I stayed awake until roughly 6AM to defeat the final bosses. I lost. So I attempted it again!
The gameplay, though simple at first, encourages you to use different paradigms (classes) in different situations to maximise your power and defence, something you'll need to master against specific creatures.

The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful, spanning roughly 80 tracks capable of spurring emotion and successfully enhancing dramatic scenes in a way that many games fail to.

As many people know, especially those on Playfire, I love Lightning as a character but luckily, Serah and Noel were more than interesting enough to fill in her shoes as main character, even if Lightning is coming back in to the spotlight in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Whilst Final Fantasy isn't without its flaws, it's what I enjoyed the most this year and it always gives me a reason to revisit it, whether it's due to the DLC, paradox endings or secret battles.

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What's your GOTY for 2012?